Youth C of C Qualifiers for 2016

(listed in the order in which they qualified) The qualifying year for youth runs from July 1 2015 - June 30, 2016.

The 2015-2016 AAPE Youth Champion of Champions to be held in conjunction with the APS StampShow 2016 (Augist 4-7 in Portland, Oregon)

"Building a Nation: One Step at a Time"
by Adam Mangold (Minnesota Stamp Show 2015)

"Dairy Products of the Cow"
by Alex Fillion (APS StampShow, 2015)

"The Universe" by Darren Corapcioglu (BALPEX 2015)

"My Pre-Historic Zoo" Spencer Stahl (INDYPEX 2015)

"Maersk Group" Jeffrey Varga (Filatelic Fiesta)

"The USDA MyPlate Food Plate - Mapping Out the Foods"
by Mia Fillion (AmeriStamp, 2016)

"Color Varieties of the Monarchy of Queen Elizabeth II" Ana Calderon (WESTPEX)

"The NHL All-Stars Series" Matthew Gaiser (ORAPEX)

"The Folklore Mysteries of Harry Potter" Geneva Varga (Rocky Mountain Stamp Show)

"The Chinese Zodiac"
by Mia Fillion (StampShow, 2015, (By Invitation))

"What A Princess Wants"
by Alexandra Fillion (Ameristamp 2016 (By Invitation))

These exhibits have qualified and will be invited to compete in the 2016 AAPE Youth Champion of Champions which will be held at the APS StampShow 2016 in Portland, Oregon to be held August 4 to August 7, 2016