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Award Title: AAPE Diamond Award. To be awarded to adult AAPE Members only. This award is to honor the exhibitor and not the exhibit.

Award Criteria: Granted to a multiple frame exhibit that has been awarded 10 Gold medals at a U.S. or Canadian National level show while the property of one exhibitor, or to an exhibitor who has won Gold medals with six or more multi-frame exhibits of their own creation at the National level. Any exhibit developed from an original concept through a logical evolution of content as well as size will be considered a single exhibit. AAPE membership is a requirement for consideration at the time of receiving the AAPE Diamond Award.

The Object: Is to recognize sustained excellence, to encourage higher frequency of exhibiting at WSP shows, and to provide another means by which AAPE can be newsworthy and recognize excellence and accomplishment.

Time Limitation: The time period for qualification will be a rolling ten year period, beginning initially with StampShow 2003, and eventually extending backwards from the date of application. If 2020 and 2021 are in the period it will be a rolling twelve year period.

The Form of the award: The award shall be a distinctive diamond-shaped lapel pin presented with a suitable box. Although there are two separate criteria for qualification, there shall be only a single designed award.

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Category in which I am applying: Single Exhibit - 10 Golds Six Gold Level Exhibits

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