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youth c of c qualifiers for 2009

alyssah xeniah c. alcala (15), representing ameristamp expo 2009, 锟絟er majesty queen elizabeth ii锟?- this exhibit features the illustrious life and reign of queen elizabeth ii using postage stamps and other related philatelic materials issued by various issuing entities around the world. (3 frames)

sherri biendarra (16), representing milcopex 2008, 锟絫he olympics - let the games begin锟?- this exhibit features olympic stamps and philatelic materials, which includes material from the modern olympics, ancient olympics, special olympics, and paralympics. (3 frames)

caleb hall (15), representing filatelic fiesta 2009, 锟絫he formation of the united states锟?- the events that shaped the formation of the united states. (1 frame)

nick hall (12), representing okpex 2008, 锟絯heels of freedom锟?- how wheels have allowed people to move from place to place more easily and quickly. (1 frame)

sabrina mcgill (13), representing plymouth show 2008, 锟絲oofari锟?- the story of a child and her friends that go on an imaginary safari on 4 continents, the animals they discover and adventures they have. ( 5 frames)

adam mangold (9), representing philadelphia national stamp exhibition 2008, 锟絯e the people锟?- how each state entered the union and when. (4 frames)

john phillips (13), representing southeastern stamp show 2008, 锟絫he game of chess锟?- a description of the chess pieces, how the game is played, and famous people who have played the game. (1 frame)

john phillips (13), representing st. louis stamp expo 2009, 锟絝aces and places of the civil war锟?- an overview of the civil war, looking at the people and places involved in it. (2 frames)

jenna smith (10), representing the minnesota stamp expo 2008, 锟絤an锟絪 best friend: recognized breeds of the american kennel club锟?- my exhibit will show the akc classification of dog breeds and show examples of some of the fully recognized breeds. (1 frame)

cassandra stahl (13), representing indypex 2008, 锟絧anda锟?- an essay on pandas through philately. (2 frames)

philippe talarico (13), representing royal 2008, quebec, 锟絤usical instruments锟?- this exhibit will make you discover the magnificent world of music of the beginning of the 14th century till the end of the 20th century. instruments are classified according to their types. (2 frames)

trevor thomas (11), representing rompex 2008, 锟絫he game of soccer锟?- this exhibit shows the history, positions, rules, and competition of the game of soccer. (3 frames)

lorah wilson (13), representing vapex 2008, 锟絘nimals around the world锟?- the exhibit includes endangered species, domestic animals. the animals are from all parts of the globe. (2 frames)
lorah wilson (13), representing stampshow 2008, 锟絚reative characters锟?- the exhibit includes cartoons, caricatures, comic books and story book characters. (2 frames)

these exhibits competed in the 2009 aape youth champion of champions held in dayton, ohio, june 12-14, 2009, in conjunction with the national topical stamp show.