Title and Synopsis Critique Services

Evaluation of these two key pages for existing or new exhibits.
By a panel of experienced exhibitors and judges; uses email and electronic copies or USPS.

The title and synopsis pages can be sent to me via email, disc (use WORD or PDF) or USPS.

Anything requiring a return via USPS should enclose $1 for return postage.

We also request the exhibitor to give the AAPE a release to use the original and the reply as a teaching tool in "The Philatelic Exhibitor". No identities will be indicated. This is not a requirement for the critique service but we would appreciate the cooperation.

Items will be forwarded to a panel of experienced exhibitors and judges for comments on strengths and weaknesses. Suggestions will be returned to the owner either by email or comments on hard copy.

Please send to the following address:

Jim Hering
1050 Kingwood Drive
Marion, OH 43302