AAPE Award Of Excellence - Title Page

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This award has been discontinued.

The purpose of this award is to encourage excellence and help exhibitors achieve a more effective title page. In cases of a display or thematic exhibit this could include the second page.

This award is to be selected by the Jury at a WSP Show. All exhibits are qualified to be judged. The decision of the Jury is final

An exhibitor may only win the award once. A list of winners will be sent with award and is also on the AAPE website.

Actual award will be given at the Palmares Banquet/Breakfast. Award ribbon is to be placed alongside and at the same time as the medal ribbons for the show, so that viewers will have the opportunity to review title page excellence.

The following are suggested criteria:
  • Does the title page portray clarity of subject and intent of exhibit?
  • Is the "Purpose" of the exhibit readily apparent from its reading?
  • Is the "Organization" clear and in keeping with the defined scope and limits?
  • If a plan is present is it clear logical, and implies the actual development of the exhibit?
  • Is the method used to identify important items clearly explained? Does exhibitor identify his/her personal research and study?
  • Does the background information overwhelm the viewer and is the information extraneous to the understanding of the exhibit itself?
  • Are the items displayed on title page of interest to the viewer and are they relevant to the story, or are they more suitable within the exhibit itself?
  • Does the title page make viewers want to proceed through the exhibit?
Jurors will receive the title pages as usual, so preliminary candidates for nomination will already have been made before deliberations are held.

The suggested "criteria" is directly from the manual.