Rules and History

For Judges, the Criteria for the AAPE Youth Exhibit Awards (Updated and approved February 2015).

Please contact the Vesma Grinfelds, AAPE Youth C of C Director, for any question concerning criteria -

Today's young collectors are tomorrow's philatelic leaders. As has been proved by selections for the APS Young Philatelic Leaders Fellowship program, youth who are willing to make a commitment to the hobby are often those who get involved in active public aspects of it, including exhibiting. While AAPE recognizes that for some young people, exhibiting will be a passing fancy, for others it will be the beginning of a life-long commitment. AAPE wants to support this "planting of seeds" because doing so supports the hobby, because it provides a positive, rewarding, and enjoyable activity for those involved, and because it will help to insure the future of philatelic exhibiting.

To Youth Exhibitors--

Making a stamp exhibit is an exciting challenge that combines your interests in life with your interest in stamp collecting. Your interest might be sports, space travel, Revolutionary War history, butterflies, or any of hundreds of other subjects. All can be found celebrated in designs of stamps from around the world. If you have never exhibited stamps or are just beginning in our hobby, AAPE can help by matching you with an experienced adult mentor who can answer your questions and guide you on the path to winning prizes with your exhibit.

One possible goal is for you to participate in AAPE's Youth Champion of Champions competition, a yearly event where the best-in-show exhibits from each of the 30+ annual national shows held around the United States and Canada compete to become the national Youth Champion of Champions. Information about this Championship is presented below. You can also see from the exhibit subjects of the winners that a wide variety of interests can be made into stamp exhibits that are fun to create and will give you a lasting sense of pride.

If you would like more information on how to do a stamp exhibit, or would like to be matched with a mentor, you are invited to get in touch with one of us:

Kenneth R. Nilsestuen, President AAPE Jane Sodero, Chair AAPE Youth Committee Vesma Grinfelds, North American Youth Stamp Exhibiting Competition (NAYSEC) Director

Once a year, AAPE sponsors a youth exhibit featuring the work of outstanding youth (primarily from the U.S. and Canada). Each participant has won a youth grand award at a nationally accredited show, as listed, in the United States or Canada, with at least a national level silver medal.

  • The program began as the American Youth Stamp Exhibiting Competition following a concept advanced by John Hotchner in 1987, which was adopted as an activity of AAPE.
  • The first chairman of AYSEC was Carl Burnett of Melbourne, Florida. He began the work of organizing in 1988, and the first running was at FLOREX '90.
  • Mike Jolly followed Burnett as Chairman, and Canadian shows were added as qualifiers. Following Jolly's untimely passing, Ada Prill took over the chair, and recast the competition as the "AAPE Youth Champion of Champions"; drawing Youth Grand Award winners from APS national shows.
  • Vesma Grinfelds is the current director.

Directors of the Youth Exhibiting Championship since its creation:
  • 2012-today: Vesma Grinfelds (California)
  • 2004-2012: Carol and Robert Barr (Illinois)
  • 1997-2004: Ada Prill (New York)
  • 1992-1996: Michael Jolly (New Jersey)
  • 1988-1992: Carl Burnett (Florida)

Winners of the AAPE Youth Champion of Champions since its inception:
2023 GASS
(Cleveland, Ohio)
Christina Esbeck "CUPCAKES"  
2022 GASS
(Sacramento, California)
Amelia Kelbert "The World of the Monarch Butterfly (Danaus Plexippus)"  
2012 APS StampShow
(Omaha, Nebraska)
Darren Corapcioglu "The First Viewcards of Turkey"  
2020 Cancelled      
2021 Cancelled      
2019 APS StampShow
(Omaha, Nebraska)
Darren Corapcioglu "The First Viewcards of Turkey"  
2018 APS StampShow
(Columbus, Ohio)
Darren Corapcioglu "The Universe"  
2017 APS StampShow
(Richmond, VA)
Jack Nixon "Canada 1952-57 Wildlife Series"  
2016 BALPEX Darren Corapcioglu "The Universe"  
2015 APS StampShow
(Grand Rapids, MI)
Annika Fillion "U.S. domestic rates for first class surface postal and post cards between 1873 and today"
2014 Minnesota Stamp Expo Darren Corapcioglu "The Universe"  
2013 NAPEX (McLean, Va) Jesse Chevrier "Owls"
2012Minnesota Stamp ExpoJohn Phillips"America by Water" 
2011 PNSE 2010 Adam Mangold "Building a Nation - One State at a Time"
2010Minnesota Stamp ExpoTim Hodge"Falconiforms (Birds of Prey)" 
2009NTSS - DaytonSabrina McGill"Zoofari" 
2008IndypexDzintars Grinfelds"The 'Three-Star' Issues of Latvia, 1921-1923" 
2007 National Topical Stamp Show Alyssah Xenia C. Alcala "Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II"
2006IndypexKurt Glatzfelder"The Vostok Program" 
2005ROPEX (Rochester, NY)Dzintars Grinfelds"Central Lithuania" 
2004 Indypex Amber O'Reilly "In Come the Pigs"
2003NAPEX (McLean, Va)Dzintars Grinfelds"The 'Three-Star' Coat of Arms Issue of Latvia, 1922-1933" 
2002National Topical Stamp ShowKent Kuran"Postal History of California to 1900" 
2001National Topical Stamp ShowDzintars Grinfelds"The 'Three-Star' Coat of Arms Issue of Latvia, 1922-1933" 
2000IndypexJohn Ryle"Indiana 4-Bars - Types and Usages" 
1999Peach State Stamp Show (Atlanta)Devin Shane Luster"Basketball" 
1998Greater Toronto Stamp ShowTim Jones"The History of Man's Flight in the Earth's Atmosphere" 
1997IndypexEllice Miller"How Writers Use Flowers to Interpret Their Ideas" 
1996Indypex (Indianapolis)Joyce Adams"The Quetzal Bird in Guatemalan Philately" 
1995ChicagopexCharles Vukotich"U.S. Bulk Letters: False Frankings 2/3/91-12/31/94" 
1994Philadelphia National Stamp ShowCharlotte Verge"The Owls" 
1993Sescal (Los Angeles)Andrew Kelley"2c Red Washington Head, 1922" 
1992World Columbian (Chicago)Kathryn Yadon"The Bank Note Issues of 1870-1890" 
1991Omaha Stamp ShowMark Sawyer"Germania Issues of 1900-1922" 
1990Florex (Orlando)Christine Jolly"Postal Markings of Ireland to the Reforms of 1857"