AAPE Award Of Excellence - Treatment

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Effective January 1st 2022.

The purpose of this award is to encourage and help exhibitors achieve a more effective development of the exhibit's Treatment.

Important criteria for Treatment.
  • Title - does it truly reflect the exhibit content?
  • Plan - is this incorporated throughout the exhibit?
  • Development - is the "Golden Thread"" of the story line effective?
  • Balance - are the sections balanced is so far as they can be?
  • Comprehensiveness - does the exhibit include all the necessary elements to tell the story?

The Award is to be selected by the Jury as each WSP and APS show. All exhibits are qualified to be judged. The decision of the jury is final.

An exhibitor may only win the award once. A list of winners will be sent with award and is also on the AAPE website. With this new criteria, previous winners of the Title Page, Plan and Headings and Epilogue Awards are eligible for consideration.

Actual award will be given at the Palmares Ceremony. Award ribbon is to be placed alongside and at the same time as the medal ribbons for the show, so that viewers will have the opportunity to recognize the Treatment.