AAPE Randy L. Neil and Clyde Jennings Award Recipients

The Randy L Neil and Clyde Jennings Awards were created by the AAPE Board in 2007 to honor each year the best article or series of articles by an author new to the pages of TPE (Jennings Award) and the author of the best article or series of articles in TPE for the year (Neil Award). The first year for which the awards were given was 2006. Articles by the editor, the sitting president, and the immediate past president are not eligible for consideration. The Recipients, by year, are as follows:

2022Randy L Neil AwardDavid Ball"My top five issues for philatelic importance and why"
 Clyde Jennings AwardMarjory Sente"Writing an article or preparing an exhibit can be very similar"
2021Randy L Neil AwardGeorge Struble"Toward a Better Experience with Virtual Exhibits"
 Clyde Jennings AwardWilliam N. Kelly"Challenges of First Day Cover Exhibiting & Judging."
2020Randy L Neil AwardLester Lanphear"Creating Your Own Census"
 Clyde Jennings AwardDoug Weisz"Including a Letter in an Exhibit"
2019Randy L Neil AwardJamie Gough"Philatelic Importance As It (Mostly) Applies to Modern Material"
 Clyde Jennings AwardAlan Moll"Homemade Exhibit Frame"
2018Randy L Neil AwardRich Drews"Points Are Pointless Without Proper Feedback"
 Clyde Jennings AwardEmory Earl Toops"A Tale of Two Exhibits and Three Countries"
2017Randy L Neil AwardFran Adams"Title, Synopsis & Exhibit Page Structure: A Different Approach"
 Clyde Jennings AwardEd Kroft"Exhibiting Holy Land Philately"
2016Randy L Neil AwardSteven Zwillinger"Ten Weeks to a Better Exhibit"
 Clyde Jennings AwardGary Wayne Loew"Diary of a Novice Exhibitor"
2015Randy L Neil AwardDavid Piercey"Personal Study and Research in Exhibits"
 Clyde Jennings AwardRon Klimley"Building a FDC exhibit from a Modern Commemorative"
2014Randy L Neil AwardSteve ZwillingerExhibit Tips Series
 Clyde Jennings AwardNo selection 
2013Randy L Neil AwardRichard Drews"Literature Publishing, Exhibiting and Judging"
 Clyde Jennings AwardDavid Piercey"The Power of Change in Transforming One's Exhibiting Style"
2012Randy L Neil AwardDr. Robert Bell and Ben Ramkissoon"What is Damaged Philatelic Material?"
 Clyde Jennings AwardLarry Fillion"Youth and Philately (Exhibiting)"
2011Randy L Neil AwardJack Andre Denys"Myth-Busting Thematic Rules"
 Clyde Jennings AwardTom Slemons"A Novice's Thoughts on International Exhibiting & Judging"
2010Randy L Neil AwardRonald Lesherseries titled "What Are Revenues"
 Clyde Jennings AwardMike Ley"How Does Your Exhibit End?"
2009Randy L Neil AwardPatricia Stilwell Walker"How Judging Has Evolved And What This Means To You As An Exhibitor..."
 Clyde Jennings AwardGary Steele"An Exhibit Chairman's Comments"
2008Randy L Neil AwardJim Kotanchik*"Mining the WSP Medals Database"
 Clyde Jennings AwardNo selection 
2007Randy L Neil AwardDr. Robert Bell and Ben Ramkissoon"Rarity, Scarcity and Difficulty of Acquisition - philatelic and exhibiting challenges"
 Clyde Jennings AwardBarbara Harrison"Building Your Own Portable Exhibit Frame"
2006Randy L Neil AwardAnthony F. Dewey"On Exhibits and Exhibiting: Educating the Jury Part II."
 Clyde Jennings AwardHenrik Mouritsen"Title and Synopsis Pages For My Postal History Exhibit"
* Deceased