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youth c of c qualifiers for 2019

(listed in the order in which they qualified) the qualifying year for youth runs from july 1, 2018 - june 30, 2019.

the 2018-2019 aape youth champion of champions to be held in conjunction with the aps stampshow 2019

review get paid (stampshow 2018) "the first viewcards of turkey"

review get paid (balpex) "a dialogue with the flying jewels (butterflies and moths)"

review get paid (canpex 2018) "post cards and envelopes with view of london, ontario. now and then"

review get paid (sarasota national stamp expo) "beyond imagination"

review get paid (edmonton spring national show) "the world of the monarch butterfly"

review get paid (westpex 2019) "canine kindness"

review get paid (pipex) "candid philately"

review get paid (ropex) "what is pokemon?"

review get paid (rocky mountain stamp show) "penguin species and popular culture"

review get paid (okpex) "the 8.4 cent american piano coil"

these exhibits have qualified and will be invited to compete in the 2018-2019 aape youth champion of champions which will be held at the aps stampshow 2019