Youth C of C Qualifiers for 2014

(listed in the order in which they qualified) The qualifying year for youth runs from April 1 2013- March 31, 2014.
The 2014 AAPE Youth Champion of Champions to be held in conjunction with the Minnesota Stamp Expo, July 18-20, 2014:

"The Chinese Zodiac"
by Mia Fillion (WESTPEX, 2013)

"U.S. domestic rates for first class surface postal and post cards between 1873 and today"
by Annika Fillion (Philatelic Show, 2013)

"Cats" by Nina Richards (ORAPEX 2013)

"What A Princess Wants"
by Alexandra Fillion (NTSS 2013)

"Evolution of Aviation" by Alexander Brown (Royal 2013 Royale)

"The Universe" by Darren Corapcioglu (StampShow 2013)

"National Parks 5 Cent Stamp 1934" by Haley Oswald (Omaha Stamp Show 2013)

"Building a Nation...One State at a Time" by Adam Mangold (INDYPEX 2013)

"Eagles and U.S. Mail" by Emma Grabowski (Minnesota Stamp Show 2013)

"Flying Machines & Communications" by Ian Gazdacko (ARIPEX 2014)

"Alternate Forms of Energy in India" by Anubhav Jaiswal (Ameristamp Expo 2014)

These exhibits have qualified and will be invited to compete in the 2014 AAPE Youth Champion of Champions.