AAPE - Committees and Activities
AAPE Website
Webmaster: Larry Fillion webmaster@aape.org
Mission Statement: Maintain the AAPE Website, including designing new pages, and adding new content as needed.

AAPE Youth Championship Committee
Chair: Vesma Grinfelds vesmag@gmail.com
Mission Statement: To recognize, encourage, and reward aspiring young exhibitors in the US and Canada for progress in their philatelic pursuits by providing awards at national shows, and to organize the annual AAPE Youth Champion of Champions event.

Awards Coordination
Chair: Joann Lenz joann@stampsjoann.net
Mission Statement: Assure timely selection of nominees for the Hennig, Herdenberg, Jennings, and Neil Awards

Computers in Exhibiting Committee
Chair: Jerry Jensen jerry@gps.nu
Mission Statement: Provides information and support to exhibitors on ways to enhance exhibiting abilities through the use of computers. Most of this support is on a one-to-one basis since almost every exhibitor has differing computer resources and skills. Short How-to-do-it articles will be published in TPE occasionally to promote and maintain the membership's interest in this service.

Director of Conventions and Meetings
Chair: Mark Schwartz, 2020 Walnut Street, #32C, Philadelphia, PA 19103, mark.schwartz1@verizon.net
Mission Statement: Arrange AAPE seminars at all WSP shows, including liaison with host committees and recruiting volunteers from among AAPE activists to conduct the seminars. Prepares an end of the year report which includes attendance records for each seminar, and "hot topics" discussed.

AAPE Awards Coordinator
Chair: Bill Johnson, 4449 NE Indian Creek Road, Topeka, KS 66617, awards@AAPE.org
Mission Statement: Coordinate Awards for WSP and Local Shows.

Council of Past Presidents
Chair: Tim Bartshe timbartshe@aol.com
Mission Statement: Selects the annual Herdenberg Award nominee, and serves as an advisory board to the president, and is occasionally asked to take on specific projects

Sapphire, Diamond and Ruby Awards Committee
Chair: Ron Lesher revenuer@atlanticbb.net
Mission Statement: Review and approve (where appropriate) applications for the Sapphire, Diamond and Ruby awards, assure posting in TPE and the AAPE Website, and work with the AAPE Secretary to arrange presentation of the pins

Digital Philatelic Studies Committee
Chair: Fran Adams fran.adams@gmail.com
Mission Statement: Advises the AAPE Board on current and emerging computer based technology, ensuring the Society is aware of developing trends and is proactive in extending its frontiers with modern tools in the digital age of philately.

Exhibit Critique Service
Chair: Jerry H. Miller JHMNARP@aol.com
Mission Statement: Enhance the exhibiting experience by individual evaluation, review, and feedback to participating exhibitors from an experienced judge.

Hennig Judging Excellence Award Committee
Chair: John Hotchner jmhstamp@verizon.net
Mission Statement: Select winner of the Hennig Award per year

International Exhibiting Committee
Chair: Steve Schumann sdsch@earthlink.net
Mission Statement: Reports in TPE USA results of Continental and FIP World Philatelic Exhibitions, changes in FIP exhibiting rules and regulations, and encourages national exhibitors to participate at the international level

Local/Regional/Regional Exhibiting Committee
Chair: John Barrett jstrubelboy@aol.com
Mission Statement: To bring the excellent talents and resources of the AAPE to smaller or newer stamp clubs which have had little or no prior exhibiting experience, and to encourage APS/AAPE memberships at these clubs by using suitable exhibiting incentives.

Long Range Planning Committee
Chair: David McNamee dmcnamee@aol.com
Mission Statement: To provide leadership and resources to assist the AAPE Board so that the Board fulfills its governance role to manage the organization's assets in a way that maximizes benefits to current and future members

Mentor Center
Chair: Kathy Johnson kj5217@aol.com
Mission Statement: A service offered to new or experienced exhibitors, matching them with a volunteer ehibitor/judge who can provide support and advice

One Frame Team Competition Committee
Chair: Sandeep Jaswal sj722@aol.com
Mission Statement: Plans and operates the annual One Frame Team Competition held at annual APS/AAPE AmeriStamp Expo

Education Coordinator
Chair: Michael Zolno mlzolno@aol.com
Mission Statement: To expand the exposure of exhibiting to as many nonexhibiting collectors as possible to assist in the creation or continued health of stamp shows that contain exhibits of any stripe, and by various means create methods by which present exhibitors improve exhibits and are encouraged to continue to create new ones.

Publicity Committee
Chair: Ed Fisher efisherco@earthlink.net
Mission Statement: To promote awareness of AAPE and its activities in the philatelic community in order to increase membership and to further the overall goals of the organization, through use of regular press releases to print and digital media, and ads in suitable stamp show programs

Show Management Committee
Chair: Tim Bartshe timbartshe@aol.com
Mission Statement: To assist in the improvement and growth of local, regional and national shows in as many ways possible through the open discussion of ideas from any and all interested sources. One of the primaty methods for this wll be via a regular column in TPE

Society Attorney
Attorney: Robert Zeigler rzeigler@zcklaw.com
Mission Statement: Provide legal advice regarding AAPE activities, the Constitution/By-Laws, and pending legal matters

Thematic/Topical Exhibiting
Mission Statement: Phil Stager pstager@tampabay.rr.com
Mission Statement: Serves as a focus for exhibitors and judges to raise problems and proposals for improvement, and organizes a continuing series of articles in TPE on these issues, and to promotes understanding and consistency of thematic judging

The Philatelic Exhibitor
Editor: Randy Neil neilmedia1@sbcglobal.net
Mission Statement: Design and produce, working closely with contributors and advertisers, the Association's flagship publication quarterly

The Philatelic Exhibitor Advertising
Manager: William Dipaolo billdip1@gmail.com
Mission Statement: Through contact with the dealer community, attempts to arrange win-win advertising that helps both dealers and AAPE to maximize revenue
Advertising Rate Card

Epilogue Award
Co-Chairs: Bob and Liz Hisey lizhisey@comcast.net
Mission Statement: Develop criteria, oversee and track awards and arrange for appropriate publicity.

Title/Synopsis Page Critique Service
Chair: Jim Hering rosehering@roadrunner.com
Mission Statement: To assist collectors/exhibitors in writing pages for their exhibits in the hope that the exhibit will be easier for the jury and the viewer to understand the intent of the exhibit.

Youth Exhibiting
Chair: Cheryl Edgcomb bcedgcomb@gmail.com
Mission Statement: Dedicated to encouraging the involvement of youth in stamp exibiting by providing educational and support structures to interested beginner and novice youth exhibitors, and encouraging continual improvements in youth exhibits to realize their full potential.

President's Liaison to Commttee/Activity Chairs
Liaison: George DeKornfeld gdekornfel@fairpoint.net
Mission Statement:    Serves as a conduit to the Committee/Activity Chairs for reports, budget requests and other matters needing Board attention.