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youth c of c qualifiers for 2007

alyssah xeniah c. alcala (13), representing royal royale 2006, 锟絟er majesty queen elizabeth ii锟?- this exhibit features the illustrious life and reign of queen elizabeth ii using postage stamps and other philatelic materials issued by various issuing entities around the world. (3 frames)

olivia bohrer (12), representing orapex 2006, 锟絙utterflies in liberty锟?- i present you my collection of stamps on the butterflies which i grouped together by family. my objective is to seduce you with various types of butterflies. (2 frames)

alexander faulkner (13), representing novapex 2006, 锟絪ports on stamps锟?- this exhibit shows many different sports that are shown on postage stamps from many countries. (6 frames)

dzintars grinfelds (18), representing filatelic fiesta 2006, 锟絩ailroading in the u.s.锟?- a thematic exhibit displaying types of engines, cars, equipment and people associated with the american railroads. (3 frames)

sabrina mcgill (11), representing the southeastern stamp show 2006, 锟絲oofari锟?- a thrilling and exciting tale about the adventures of a young traveler and her friends. the tale is told by the young traveler. (4 frames)

john phillips (11), representing chicagopex 2006, 锟絫he war between the states锟?- an overview of the civil war: major battles, military forces, leadership, and issues. (1 frame)

"the war between the states"
chicagopex 2006
i am eleven years old, have just completed fifth grade, and i live near st. louis. i like to build things out of legos, k锟絥ex, and magnetix. i enjoy playing board games such as chess, monoploy, and risk. i like to fish, swim, and ride my bike.
i made my stamp display, the war between the states, in fourth grade when i was studying american history. i am home schooled with my two younger brothers, joe and jared. my favorite subjects are history, reading, and math.

matthew smith (11), representing the minnesota stamp expo 2006, 锟絛inosaurs!锟?- this exhibit shows how we learn about dinosaurs, where and when dinosaurs lived, and how dinosaurs are classified. using the classification scheme, examples and facts about several dinosaurs are illustrated, concluding with the modern popularity of dinosaurs. (3 frames)

cassi stahl (11), representing indypex 2006, 锟絧andas锟?- this exhibit gives a description of pandas from their outside appearance to the life they live. (2 frames)