Youth C of C Qualifiers for 2011

(listed in the order in which they qualified)

"Building a Nation - One State at a Time" by Adam Mangold (Philadelphia National Stamp Exhibition 2010)

"Security Features of U.S. Postage Stamps 1974-2009" by James Chenevert (Philatelic Show 2010)

"Olympic Ovations." by Christian Kemp, (ROPEX 2010)

"The United States Space Shuttle Program" by Dillon Thomas (NTSS 2010)

"The Civil War" by Kyle Oswald (Minnesota Stamp Expo 2010)

"Creative Characters" by Lorah Wilson (Stampshow 2010).

"The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II" by Matthew Hoffman (BALPEX 2010)

"Farming through the Ages" by Jared Phillips, (Omaha Stamp Show 2010)

"Bridging the Gap" by Joseph Phillips (FLOREX 2010)

"The Game of Soccer" by Trevor Thomas (ARIPEX 2011)

"Zoos" by Emma Sorenson (Sarasota National Stamp Exhibition 2011)

"What A Princess Wants" by Alexandra Fillion (Garfield Perry March Party 2011)

"America by Water" by John Phillips (St. Louis Stamp Expo 2011)

"The Game of Chess" by John Phillips (INDYPEX 2010)

"1982 Philatelic Youth Issue" by Matthew Gaiser (Edmonton Spring National 2011)

These exhibits qualified and were invited to compete in the 2011 AAPE Youth Champion of Champions held in conjunction with the National Topical Stamp Show, June 24-26, 2011, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.