Youth C of C Qualifiers for 2008

Jared Barron (11), representing VANPEX 2007, �Maple Leaf Stamps of Canada� - The maple leaf has been a Canadian symbol since the 1700s. As shown in this exhibit, it is found on a wide variety of philatelic material. (3 frames)

Sherri Biendarra (15), representing NTSS 2007, �The Olympics - Let the Games Begin� - This exhibit features Olympic stamps and philatelic materials, with the subjects of modern Olympics, ancient Olympics, special Olympics, and Paralympics. (2 frames)

Alexander Faulkner (14), representing Edmonton National 2007, �Sports on Stamps� - An exhibit on sports, from Archery to Track and Field. (4 frames)

Dzintars Grinfelds (18), representing Boxborough 2007, � �3-Star� Issues of Latvia� - A study of the stamps from the 1921-1933 issues, including their varieties (gum, perfs, printing) and postal uses. (5 frames)

Tim Hodge (16), representing ROPEX 2007, �Falconiforms: Birds of Prey� - This exhibit shows all of the genera of birds of prey, their characteristics, behavior, use as national symbols, falconry, and their conservation. (5 frames)

Tim Hodge (16), representing VAPEX 2007, �The World of Wild Cats� - Throughout this exhibit, I have attempted to cover the life history of wild cats throughout the world. (2 frames)

Shannon Madigan (12), representing Ameristamp Expo 2008, �The Wonders of Animals� - You get to learn about animals and their surroundings. (1 frame)

Sabrina McGill (12), representing INDYPEX 2007, �Zoofari� - The story of a child�s adventures while on safari with her friends. The story is illustrated with philatelic materials. ( 5 frames)

Amber O�Reilly (15), representing RPSC Royal 2007, �In Come the Pigs� - Many kinds of pigs are shown in this exhibit including wild, domestic, crafted and famous pigs. Stamps, essays, proofs, specimens, booklets, covers, postmarks, meters, postal stationary, errors and souvenir sheets breathe life into the pages that follow. (4 frames)

John Phillips (12), representing St. Louis Stamp Expo 2008, �Faces and Places of the Civil War� - Exploring the people and places involved in the Civil War. (2 frames)

Jenna Smith (9), representing the Minnesota Stamp Expo 2007, �My Favorite Animals� - In my exhibit, I�ll share some of the items I�ve found for my six most favorite animals: cats, dogs, rabbits, horses, mice and butterflies. (1 frame)

Emma Sorenson (8), representing MILCOPEX 2007, �Dogs,� My exhibit is about Dogs. I like dogs a lot. I will show different kinds of dogs. (1 frame)

Trevor Thomas (10), representing ARIPEX 2008, �The Game of Soccer� - It talks about soccer and how the game is played. (2 frames)