Hennig Award Recipient - 2012 - Peter McCann

(Hennig Award Nomination Form)

Hennig Award Recipient - 2012 - Peter McCann
An accomplished chief judge and involved in both the national and international exhibiting community (the latter as Vice President of the F.I.P.), Peter McCann is always working to teach the elements of judging so as to continually expand the APS-accredited judging corps.

The AAPE Board is pleased to announce that Dr. Peter P. McCann was selected as the 2012 winner of the Bernard A. Hennig Award. It was presented at the Chicagopex 2012 banquet by AAPE president John Hotchner, who made the following remarks. (The candid photograph that accompanies this article is a snapshot of the recipient in action.)

"The most prestigious recognition a philatelic judge can be given is the Bernard A. Hennig Award for excellence as a judge, and for efforts to improve the judging process and practice throughout the hobby. It is presented by the AAPE, and is named for Chicago�s own Bud Hennig, who was the first recipient five years ago."

"I was delighted to hear that this year�s recipient would be at Chicagopex as there is no better place to present the award than before Bud�s friends. I want to thank Al Kugel for giving us these few minutes at the banquet, and note that it was Chicago�s Eliot Landau who originated the concept for this award and chaired the AAPE committee that made it happen."

"Our winner is well-known among exhibitors as a judge who is always well-prepared, widely experienced, thorough, and helpful in providing feedback, and as a mentor for both exhibitors and for new judges."

"There are many judges who fit that description but our winner not only defi nes excellence as a judge, he also had been toiling in the vineyards for many years to improve the accuracy and consistency of judging at both the national and international levels."

"He has been an accredited APS judge for over 25 years and was Chairman of the Committee on the Accreditation of National Exhibitions and Judges from 1997-1999 prior to being elected APS president. This was a period in which the judging process was being revised, emphasizing more preparation for judging, more feedback to exhibitors, and more accountability of judges."

"At the international level, he has been involved in the International Federation of Philately since 1997 and is currently serving in his third term as a FIP vice president."

"He remains very much in demand as a working judge, jury chairman, and international team leader. Next year, he already has six national shows and three internationals scheduled.

"Most of you will by now have identifi ed Dr. Peter P. McCann as this year�s honoree, and I�d like to invite him up to receive this plaque which commemorated his joining a very select group of accomplished philatelic judges."