AAPE Diamond Award Recipients

(Diamond Award Information/Application)

1. Nicholas A. LombardiThe 1903 Two-Cent Washington Shield Issue
2. Harlan F. StoneSwiss Perforated Sitting Helvetia 1862-83
3. Andrew MacFarlaneFirst Days of the 1929 George Rogers Clark Commemorative
4. Richard S. WilsonBritish Forces in Egypt and Sudan 1862-1898
5. Robert HohertzRevenue Stamped Paper of the Spanish-American War Era
6. Steve P. TurchikThe Usage of Switzerland's Imperf Sitting Helvetia Issue of 1854-6
7. Steve Washburn6 Portugese area
8. Anthony DeweySix Gold Level Exhibits
9. Bob RawlinsSix Gold Level Exhibits
10. Cheong-Too ChoiSix Gold Level Exhibits
11. Gregg A. Hopkins, Sr.Forerunners - The Philatelic Truck and Souvenir Sheet
12. Jerry H. MillerSix Gold Level Exhibits
13. Arthur H. GrotonInternal and Foreign Surface Routes of Mandate Palestine
14. Charles J. O'Brien IIIJoint Issue with the United States
15. Eric A. GlohrHawaiian Postal Cards and Envelopes
16. R. Timothy BartsheSix Gold Level Exhibits
17. Ronald E. LesherTwo-Cent Revenue Stamped Paper, 1965-1883
18. Phil RhoadeThe Murder of Lidice
19. Jonathan W. BeckerThe British Conquest and Military Administration of Palestine ...
20. C. David EelesThree Cent Stamps of the 1954 Liberty Series
21. Jerome KasperIllustrated WW II British Military Air letters
22. William J. AinsworthSix Gold Level Exhibits
23. Michael MahlerSix Gold Level Exhibits
24. Stephen P. KaplanUsage of the Ring Stationery of Finland, 1891-1911
25. Stephen L. SuffetU.S. Third Class Mail: The First 100 Years, 1863-1963
26. Earle F. PlylerThe U. S. Two Cent Domestic Rate1792 - 1979
27. Donald R. HinesGB KGV Photogravure Issue 1934-36
28. Jim GraueSix Gold Level Exhibits
29. Stanley J. LuftSix Gold Level Exhibits
30. Hideo R. YokotaU.S. Air Mail Special Delivery Issues of 1934-36
31. Robert B. MorganHungary: The Hyperinflation, 1945-46
32. Jeffrey ShapiroPrexy (various titles)
33. Eliot LandauClassic France: postal History, 1849 - 76
34. Frank WiatrCracow Postal History
35. Larry T. NixAmerica's Public Libraries
36. Robert HiseyThe Officials of South Africa
37. Dalene ThomasPharos: Lighthouses of The World
38. Liz HiseyChristmas Dinner at the Portland Hotel, OR
39. Joseph FraschCorpus Juris
40. Jack Andre DenysBayeux Tapestry
41. Barbara A. HarrisonGrandma's House (1870-1950)
42. Bill McMurrayTomorrow's Classics (US Flag and Transportation Coils of 1981)
43. Kent WilsonThe 1890 Issue of the United States
44. Mike LeyBurma: the First Two Issues
45. Bruce RobertsArkansas Postal History: Territory to 1870
46. David M. SkiptonSix Gold Level Exhibits
47. Dickson PrestonCommercial Zeppelin Mail
48. James MaxwellRates During the Post-War Chinese National Currency Era
49. William McDanielThe Three Cent Stamps of the U.S. 1851-57 Issue: Production and Usage
50. Graham LockeThe Penny Black Plates
51. John P. WynnsCanada: Confederation Issue of 1927
52. Stephen SchumannNew Zealand Postal Stationary, 1876-1940
53. Paul B. GoodwinArgentine Airmail: carriers Routes Rates, 1917-1946
54. Kurt W. LaubingerPolitically Inspired Cachets of Bruce McIntyre, 1936-1960
55. Edwin J. AndrewsPAUL von LETTOW-VORBECK: Events and Times that Molded the Man
56. Robert G. RufeU.S. Special Handling 1925-1957: The Stamps and the Service
57. Hugh LawrenceThe Late Civil War Forerunners and Provisional Issues of East China
58. Randy NeilTher 10-Cent Steel Plate Issues of the Confederate States of America, 1863-65
59. Ralph NafzigerThe 3c 1948 Oregon Territory Issue
60. Paul FletcherPostage Due Stamps of Australia
61. Art BunceSix Gold Level Exhibits
62. Mark SchwartzBoston Postal History, 1703-1851
63. Louis FisetSix Gold Level Exhibits
64. Jean-Jacques TillardSPM - Issues of the 19th Century
65. David McNameeSix Gold Level Exhibits
66. Marc GonzalesMexico - Provisional Period 1867-68
67. Roger HeathDeCoppet Razor Cancels of Switzerland
68. Robert SchlesingerU.S. Prexies - A Rate Study
69. Gregory ShoultsWashington and Franklin Rotary Press Coils 1914 to 1922 Production and Uses
70. Patrica WalkerBaltimore: Postal History from Colonial Times until the UPU
71. Alfredo FroelichUnited States of Columbia
72. William P. WinterThe China Martyrs 1932 - 1949
73. Ingert KuzychLemberg: Cosmopolitan Crownland Capital of the Austrian Empire
74. William JohnsonWilliam James Denver-The Man & His Times
75. David SteidleyUsage of the 1¢ Franklin, Series of 1902
76. Gary HendrenSt. Louis Street car Mail, 1892-1915
77. Alan WarrenU. S. Byrd Antarctic Stamp: The perforated issues
78. Ronald KlimleyThe 1964 New York World's Fair Commemoratives and their First Day Covers
79. Menge GerardGeneralgouvernement 1940 - 1944, Regular Definitives, Rejected Designs and Essays
80. James PullinAmerican Sailing Packets on the North Atlantic
81. Evan (Van) SieglingThe Magical World of Harry Potter
82. Lester C. Lanphear IIIU.S. Departmentals, 1873 to 1884
83. Omar J RodriguezThe Mexican Revolution: A philatlic puzzle revealed 1910-1916
84. Edward J laveroniImperial Postmarks of the Trans-Siberian Railroad, Chelyabinsk to Manchzhuriya
85. Benedict A. Termini, M.D.Prostitute Revenues of Rosario de Santa Fe
86. Stephen TuckerPan American's Pacific Clippers 1935-1941
87. Peter C. JeannopoulosSix Gold Level Exhibits
88. Hugh LawrencePostal Rates During the Gold Yuan Era: The Chinese Hyperinflation of 1948-49
89. Kathryn JohnsonSix Gold Level exhibits
90. Joe YoussefiClassic Persia
91. Darrell ErtzbergerBritish Honduras Postal Stationery
92. Robert T. BurneyRevolutionary Martyrs of the Kuomintang
93. Gregory Scott WardU.S. Parcel Post Stamps 1913-1926.
94. John A. Pare1948 Wisconsin Statehood Issue: Production, FDCs, Postal Use
95. William MaddocksThe Postal System in Bosnia-Herzegovina 1878-1919
96. George StrubleDevelopment of Swiss Airmail up to 1939
97. Sam ChiuCHEFOO Local Post, China, 1893-96
98. Steve McGillBritian's Marvelous Machins
99. Alan MollU.S. Vended Postal Insurance (1965-1985)
100. Ralph DeBoardThe Postal History of Tahiti through the First Pictorial Issue
101. Ray E. CartierHow We Got Men to the Moon
102. Jane King FohnThe 9 Cent Alamo Stamp and Its First Day Covers
103. Greg GallettiThe League of Nations - The War Years
104. Norman CohenThe Use of the U.S. Large Numeral, Postage-Due Stamps, 1879 to 1911
105. Todd RonneiThe U.S. Winston Churchill Memorial stamp and its First Day Covers
106. Dawn R HammanBackyard Chickens - Raising Chickens at Home - Then and Now
107. Kenneth NilsestuenMinnesota Territorial Centennial Stamp - 1949
108. Hal VogelPioneer Period Expeditions to Greenland
109. Brian CallanGraf Zeppelin 127 Postal Globetrotter 1928-1937
110. Ken GilbertLandpost uber Lehrte
111. Robert P. MeeganUnited States Domestic Letter Rates From the Act of 1792 to October 1, 1883
112. Ladd FaszoldA Penny Saved...Coating Postal Cards for Reuse, 1876-190
113. Ross TowleSix Gold Level exhibits
114. Earl ToopsThe Development and Use of the Provisional Issues of SVN
115. Louis CaprarioPre-Prohibition United States Beer Stamps, 1866 - 1919.
116. Jean WangBlood: A Modern Medicine