Paul Tyler, President of the American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors (AAPE), has announced the AAPE has accepted an invitation from The Royal Philatelic Society of Canada and the Greater Toronto Area Philatelic Association to hold its annual AMERISTAMP EXPO in Toronto April 7-9, 2006.

The show will be held in conjunction with the Canadian Stamp Dealers Association annual spring show at the Queen Elizabeth Building on the Canadian National Exhibition grounds. AMERISTAMP EXPO was last held in Toronto in 1998.

Tyler said the AAPE is coming to Toronto because “we looked at several sites and The RPSC presented a strong case.” The AAPE usually holds its annual exhibition during the APS Winter Show. Since the APS has cancelled a 2006 winter show in favour of the international FIP show in Washington May 27- June 3, 2006, Tyler said, we decided to accept the Canadian invitation.

The AAPE, he said, “expects to show off Toronto to a lot of American exhibitors and to induce more Canadians to try single frame exhibits.”

RPSC President Charles J.G. Verge is “very pleased” AAPE has selected Toronto for its 2006 venue. It will “expand the CSDA show and add an important feature attraction for Canadian exhibitors and collectors.” Verge said “as stamp collecting continues to grow in this country, other groups based outside Canada will want to come here.”

Tyler said “we have many good AAPE members in Canada, so we hope that our single frame show will help promote Canadian philately.” The AMERISTAMP EXPO 2006 will consist of the One Frame Championship, One Frame Competitive, Cinderella, Display, Illustrated Mail, Postcards, and Thematics classes.

The Champion of Champions Single Frame class is open to all exhibitors that have won a Platinum (if given by a WSP or national-level show) or received a point count of 95 or higher at WSP or national-level shows that only award Gold medals. Since the rules changed January 1, 2005 and there is no longer a Platinum medal, exhibitors are advised to read the new requirements carefully.

More information relating to and prospectuses for AMERISTAMP EXPO 2006 is available from Paul Tyler at <
ptyler100@comcast.net > or Canadian contact Peter Butler, 143 Glenmore Road, Toronto, ON M4L 3M2; telephone: 416-690-4666; or e-mail: < pbutler@ilap.cam >.

Information on The RPSC is available by e-mail: <
info@rpsc.org > or by visiting the Society’s website at < www.rpsc.org > or call 416-979-8874.

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