AMERISTAMP EXPO 2012 1-Frame Team Results

The seventh annual AAPE 1-Frame Team Competition was held January 27-29 at AmeriStamp Expo 2012/Southeastern Stamp Expo held in Atlanta Georgia. Five teams participated.

This year�s winning team "India Study Circle" consisted of Sandeep Jaiswal (captain), Paul D. Allen, Jeffrey Brown, Robert Manley and Steve Zwillinger. Each member of the team received a handmade shaker box. The team entries were:

Allen: "'Via Brindisi' The New Way West"
Brown: "Wartime Airmail Routes & Rates from India to the U.S. and U.K."
Jaiswal: "Rajpeepla"
Manley: "Dehra Dun - Colonial Postal History 1825-1950"
Zwillinger: "Indian Embossed Envelopes of Edward VII"

This was Sandeep�s second year as captain of the winning team. While the rest of his team differed from last year, his key to success remained the same. All five team exhibits were new to national level exhibiting, earning a whopping 50 bonus points. Additionally, Jaiswal took a risk and added two rookies to his team, a risk that paid big benefits as Robert Manley�s exhibit won a gold medal and earned him the AAPE novice award.

The rules were the same as for the 2011 edition. A 10-point bonus was earned for each new exhibit, where an exhibit was deemed "new" if it had not been shown competitively at either the national or international levels. Teams earned a 5-point bonus for each Type of exhibit as selected from: Traditional (TR), Postal History (PH), Postal Stationery (PS), Revenue (RE), Illustrated Mail (IM), Display (DI), Thematic (TH), Aerophilately (AE), Astrophilately (AS), Cinderella (CI), and Picture Postcard (PP). Additional 10-point bonuses could be earned for each exhibit presented by a Youth exhibitor (as defined by the show prospectus) and/or a novice exhibitor (as defined by the rules for the AAPE Novice award).

The following values were assigned to medal levels: Gold = 100, Vermeil = 90, Silver = 80, Silver-Bronze =70, Bronze = 60 and Certificate = 50. Additionally, teams earned bonus points for special awards. Winning the 1-Frame Grand Award earned 10 points, while all other awards, including the Reserve Grand Awards, earned 5 points. The table below lists the teams and the points each won. The full scorecards for each of the participating teams will be posted on the AAPE website.

Team NameNewTypeYouthNoviceMedalBonusTotal
India Study Circle502002048025*595
High After Five10201005000540
Redwood Emperors40150104605530
Peru Study Circle3015004800525
Old Dawgs0150047025510

* total includes 10 point bonus for 1-Frame Grand Award

Bonus points for special awards were lower than in previous years due to the fact that AmeriStamp Expo 2012 was held in conjunction with Southeastern Stamp Show. The partnership with the World Series of Philately show provided for participation by multi-frame exhibits in the Postal division, which are not accepted as part of AmeriStamp Expo. Many special awards went to the multi-frame exhibits, reducing the awards to the single-frame exhibits, and thus, the bonus points.

This year 9 of the 25 exhibits (52%) in the contest were new to national level exhibiting. While short of the goal of 60% set at the initiation of the contest, this is an improvement over last year. The proportion of new exhibits for 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 was 75%, 63%, 56%, and 40% respectively. The increase can be attributed to increasing the bonus from 5 to 10 points for new exhibits starting with the 2010 contest. Given that the winning team for the last two years has presented 5 new exhibits, one hopes that this will inspire teams for future contests to enter more new exhibits.

Diversity, on the other hand, presented mixed results. While all five teams included at least three different types of exhibits, 68% of the entries were either Traditional or Postal History. Even more disappointing is that this year there were no picture postcard or Cinderella exhibits in the contest. An Astrophilately exhibit has never been part of a team entry!

So, how do we encourage more diversity in team exhibit types? At its origin, the contest required each team to present 5 different exhibit types. A few years ago, this rule was changed to the present rule of 5 bonus points for each different type included in the team entries. Apparently this is not enough of an incentive. For the 2013 contest, the bonus will be increased to 10 points for each different type, except Traditional and Postal History. No bonus points will be earned for either Traditional or Postal History exhibits.

The table below demonstrates the distribution of exhibit types for the last five years.

TR7 (17.5%)12 (34%)7 (28%)10 (25%)8(32%)
PH6 (15%)3 (9%)8 (32%)11 (27.5%)9(36%)
PS5 (12.5%)4 (11%)5 (20%)5 (12.5%)3(12%)
TH3 (7.5%)3 (9%)1 (4%)01(4%)
IM3 (7.5%)3 (9%)03 (7.5%)1(4%)
RE4 (10%)2 (6%)1 (4%)1 (2.5%)1(4%)
AE2 (5%)1 (3%)03 (7.5%)1(4%)
CI3 (7.5%)2 (6%)1 (4%)3 (7.5%)0
DI6 (15%)2 (6%)02 (5%)1(4%)
PPN/A1 (3%)1 (4%)2 (5%)0
SS1 (2.5%)2 (6%)0*0*0*

* The 2009 edition of the Manual of Philatelic Judging does not include Special Studies

The 10 point bonus for entries by either Youth and/or novice exhibitors has had little influence in including rookies and kids on teams. However, it is interesting to note that the winning team included two novices and the second place team had a youth member. With these results, the bonuses for novices and youth will remain unchanged for 2013.

At AmeriStamp 2012, CANEJ announced that it is moving to a points system for assigning medal levels. However, the process of converting from the present system to a points system will be phased in over an indefinite period of time. If the point system is used at AmeriStamp 2013, then the actual scores of each exhibit will be used in the team competition in place of the values assigned to medal levels.

Special thanks go to Dana Guyer, APS Director of Shows & Exhibitions, and Barb Johnson, Assistant Director, for coordinating the team contest with AAPE. We appreciate their cooperation. A big "thank you!" also goes out to Pat Walker for once again picking out great prizes for the winning team.

The next edition of the 1-Frame Team Competition will be held in conjunction with AmeriStamp Expo 2013, to be held January 18-20 in Louisville, Kentucky. Rules and regulations, as well as the registration form may be found on the AAPE website. Start planning now to enter a team!