AAPE Award Of Excellence - Plan And Headings - Recipients (Updated March 2019)

AAPE Award Of Excellence - Plans And Headings - 2018

Name Show Year or Exhibit
Southeastern Stamp ExpoRoger P. Quinby2018
Sarasota NSEBenedict A Termini2018
St Louis Stamp ExpoVan Siegling2018
Garfield Perry March PartyRichard Taschenberg2018
Westpex 2018Jean C. Stout2018
Ropex 2018Paul Goodwin2018
Pipex 2018Eric Knapp2018
RMSS 2018Jerzy Kupiec-Weglinski2018
Colopex 2018Robert Benninghoff2018
AMERIStampMichael Bloom2018
SandicalArt Bunce2018
RopexPaul Goodwin2018
Philatelic FiestaCary Johnson2018
PipexEric Knapp2018
RMSSJerzy Kupiec-Weglinski2018
Southeastern Stamp ExpoRoger Quinby2018
ARIPEXStephen Rose2018
PLYMOUTHStanley Sablak2018
St. LouisVan Siegling2018
The Magical World of Harry Potter
OKPEXJay Stotts2018
WESTPEXJean Stout2018
Garfield PerryRichard Taschenberg2018
SNSEBenedict Termini2018

AAPE Award Of Excellence - Plans And Headings - 2017

Name Show Exhibit
Indypex 2017Ken Gilbert2017
Southeastern Stamp ExpoRoger QuinbyFinnish Railway to St Petersburg 1870-1918
TexpexJohn BarwisPhiladelphia-Great Britain Mails
Ameristamp ExpoEdward BergenThe Walt Disney Postal Commemoration of 1968
St Louis Stamp ExpoDr Edwin J AndrewsThe 1924 Eagle in Wreath Issue: The First Gold Currency Stamps of Poland
Garfield Perry March PartyMike BassForeign Postal Operations in the Holy Land 1852-1914
WestpexWieslaw KostkaKingdom of Poland - Study of Rates for Stampless Mail 1815-1871
Orapex 2017Michele CartierThe French Revolution from the Ancien Regime to the End of the 1st Republic
RMSS 2017Albert L Briggs JrDomestic Rates and Usages of the United States Presidential Series
Pipex 2017Jack CongroveAlexander Hamilton: Soldier, Financier, Statesman, Founder
Colopex 2017Morris TaberQueen Victory Jubilee Stamps Used Abroad
Okpex 2017Larry LyonsHussey's Post
UNExpo17Anthony F DeweyFirst U.N. Issue 1951
Filatelic FiestaPaul D AllenVictorian Outgoing Indian Mail from October 1854 - July 1876
Chicagopex 2017Carlos VergaraChile's 1898 Postage Due Adhesives
FlorexJeff BennettBaseball Centennial: Every Boy a Cover
NAPEXRobert BoydMail From the U.S. To Germany Before the Universal Postal Union
StampShowEddie BridgesThe 2d & 3d Large Format Pictorial Printings of the Union of South Africa 1925-1951
BALPEXNorman CohenThe Use of the 1930 and 1931 U.S. Postage Due Issues to 1964
Minnesota Stamp EXPORobert FauxPostal History Featuring the 1861 United States 24-cent Adhesive
INDYPEXKen GilbertLandpost "Ü" ber Lehrte: An Example of Rural Mail System in Germany 1933-1992
SESCALVesma GrinfeldsCancellations of the Provisional Era in Latvia: 1919-1921
National Topical Stamp ShowSusan JonesGombessa: The African Coelacanth Latimera chalumnae
AmericoverWilliam KellyThe 3-cent Iwo Jima Stamp of 1945 & Its First Days
SEAPEXMark LoomisSouthern Rhodesia Missions to 1978
PLYMOUTHEric LundThe Lotus Quest (Display)
NOJEXRichard MaiselThe Nineteenth Century Sailing Ship Stamps of British Guiana
OMAHAJames MaxwellMail From Along the Erie Canal: 1825-1862
SANDICALNestor NunezJohore- The Classic Period
ARIPEXDickson PrestonCanal Zone Postal Rates 1928-1958
MILCOPEXFrank SenteA Fiscal History of the U.S. Documentary Taxes 1898-1902

AAPE Award Of Excellence - Plans And Headings - 2016

Name Show Exhibit
Timothy WaitAmeriStamp Expo1862 Insurance Tax
Jeffery BennettAmeriStamp ExpoBaseball Centennial: Every Boy in American Could Get a First Day Cover
Bill Di PaoloSarasota An Illustrated History of Las Vegas
Dale ForsterAripexAustralia Colonies - USA Mail
Ross A TowleTexpexUS Postal Service PC Postage and Information-based Indicia
Greg GallettiGarfield-Perry March PartyThe League of Nations - The War Years
Henry MarquezWestpexPeru 1896-1927
Dr James MazepaPlymouth ShowThe United States Overrun Countries Series
K David Steidley, PHDPhilatelic ShowThe Uses of the 1¢ Franklin, Series of 1902
Matthew W KewrigaRocky Mountain Stamp ShowDanish West Indies Foreign Mail 1784-UPU
Randy L NeilSt Louis Stamp ExpoConfederate States of America: The 10-Cent Steel Plate Issues, 1863-1865
Okpex 2016Sergio LugoMorale Maintenance Work in WWI by U.S. Service Organizations
Minnesota Stamp ExpoJohn PareThe 1948 Wisconsin Issue: Production, First Day Covers, Postal Uses
Colopex 2016James R PulinPioneer Steamers of the North Atlantic 1838-1840
Omaha Stamp ShowRobert T BurneyRevolutionary Martyrs of the Kuomintang
SeapexLarry DavidsonBeavers: Nature's Engineers
AmericoverKristine McIntoshThe Susan B Anthony Issue: Failure is Impossible
Milcopex 2016Andrew McFarlaneFirst Days of the 1929 George Rogers Clark Commemorative
StampShow 2016William C Fort, IIIWartime Trans-Pacific Airmail Routes
Balpex 2016Louis P PatakiAlong the Shantung Railway: German Postal Administration in the Kiautschou Neutral Zone and Shantung
Filatelic FiestaHal VogelThe Post Office That Saved, Served and Almost Scuttled an Antarctic Expedition
ChicagopexPatrick A WaltersThe United States Governmental Flights (1918-1927)
Florex 2016Dawn HammanBackyard Chickens
Minnesota Stamp Expo 2017Rob FauxPostal History Featuring the 1861 United States 24-cent Adhesive
NTSS 2017Susan JonesGombessa: The African Coelacantgh Latimerja Chalumnae
Stampshow 2017Eddie BridgesThe 2d & 3d Large Format Pictorial Printings
Omaha Stamp Show 2017H James MaxwellMail From Along the Erie Canal 1825-1862
Americover 2017William N KellyThe 3¢ Iwo Jima Stamp of 1945 and Its First Days
Balpex 2017Norman CohenThe Use of the 1930 and 1931 U.S. Postge Due Issues to 1964
Nojex 2017Richard MaiselThe Nineteenth Century Sailing Ship Stamps of British Guiana
Seapex 2017Mark LoomisSouthern Rhodesia Missions to 1978
Milcopex 2017Frank SenteA Fiscal History of the U.S. Documentary Taxes, 1898-1902

AAPE Award Of Excellence - Plans And Headings - 2015

Name Show YEAR or Exhibit
Alan MollMinnesota Stamp ExpoU.S. Vended Insurnce-A Failed Experiement
Charles J O'Brien IIIAmericoverCentennial of the American Institute of Architects
Greg HerbertNational Topical Stamp ShowThe Butterfly Effect
Randy NeilOmaha Stamp ShowConfederate Mail Crossings of Union Blockaed Border
Louis FisetSeapexMail Between USA and Francein World War II (1939-1948)
Patricia Stuilwell WalkerStampshowBaltimore Postal History: From Colonial Times until the UPU
Jerry H MillerMilcopexThe Evolution of "Via Sibera" Mail 1897-1945
Janet KlugIndypexThe Miami & Erie Canal: Ohio's Western Waterway, 1823-1913
Jack ThompsonFilatelic FiestaThe Spanish American War and the US Postal Administration in Cuba
Lawrence HaberChicagopexThe Half-Penny Decimal Machine
Behruz Nassre-EsfahaniSescalPersia, Nasser-eddin Shah Qajar Postal Stationery, Issued: 1876-1893
Kathryn JohnsonFlorexThe Additional Half Penny Mail Coach Tax in Scotland 1813-1839
Anderson, RobertROYALE2015
Brent, DonaldSANDICAL2015
Cabrara, OctavioWESTPEX2015
Frohlich, AlfredoNAPEX2015
Heath, RogerPIPEX2015
Hendren, GaryROPEX2015
Migee, RobertRMSS2015
Molnar, LesORAPEX2015
Phillips, PaulPLYMOUTH2015
Piercey, DavidEdmonton2015
Richard , MaiselARIPEX2015
Rufe, BobSt. Louis2015
Schwartz, MarkGarfield Perry2015
Stager, PhilSARASOTA2015
Stotts, DeniseTEXPEX2015
Struble, GeorgeNOJEX2015

AAPE Award Of Excellence - Plans And Headings - 2014

Name Show YEAR
Adair, IrisAero142014
Adema, KeesSP&M2014
Al-Manaseer, AkthemFILATELIC FIESTA2014
Caswell, LymanSEAPEX2014
Frohlich, AlfredoBALPEX2014
Hisey, BobFLOREX2014
Lawrence, HughSESCAL2014
Ley, MikeOMAHA2014
Shoults, GregCHICAGOPEX2014
Winters, WilliamSESCAL2014