Exhibiting Picture Postcards

Exhibiting Picture Postcards

Please read the following information that has been posted about PPCs:

Selected Picture Postcard Reference Books by Barbara A. Harrison

Exhibiting Picture Post cards - Slide Show (36) by Tim Bartshe

Collecting & Exhibiting Picture Postcards by Barbara A. Harrison

How to Prepare a Picture Postcard (PPC) Exhibit by Barb Harrison & Tim Bartshe

For more information about PPCs, please contact:

Elizabeth Hisey
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Please see the following three Picture Postcard Exhibits online:

Title From Mine To Mill
Exhibitor Phillip J. Stager
Frames(Pages) 9(144)
Description The study of the transport of iron ore on the Great Lakes from the mines in the Lake Superior region, to the loading docks, through Soo locks, and down to the ore docks and steel mills of the Lower Lakes. Included is a brief look at the primary region cargo - coal.

Title The Royal Palm Tour
ExhibitorPhillip J. Stager
Frames(Pages) 5(80)
Description A study of palms in th genus Roystonea through the medium of the post card.
Highest AwardGold

Title The Cuyahoga River
ExhibitorPhillip J. Stager
Description A voyage up Cleveland, Ohio's primary industrial and commercial waterway, the Cuyahoga River, from the Lake Erie waterfront up to the limits of the navigable waterway, about 6 miles by river or 2.5 miles in a direct line. Featured are the many bridges over the river and some of the major industries served by the river in the time period 1900 to 1960.