Single Frame Champion of Champions - 2021-2022 Competitors

The judges: Peter McCann, Chief Judge, John Hotchner, Rick Gibson, Tom Fortunato, Santigo Cruz, Charles Verge, Ray Pietruszka, Mike Ley

The cut-off to qualify for the 2020-2021 Single Frame C of C was September 2021. Because of Covid-19 there were only 11 qualifiers. We determined this was not enough for a meaningful C of C competition and these qualifiers were invited to the 2021-2022 competition at CHICAGOPEX to be held November 18-22, 2022. The last opportunity to qualify was at BALPEX Sep 2-4, 2022.

Please attend the Chicagopex/AAPE AmeriStamp Expo

Pipex (virtual) 2021Jesuit Mail at the Time of the Correo Mayor of New SpainJaime Benavides
Minnesota Stamp Expo 2021The American Phototype Two-Cent Instructive Clauses 1867-1872Bob Hohertz
Americover 2021Zeppelin Hindenburg & TipexCheryl Ganz
Balpex 2021The Trucial States Palm Trees and Dhow Series of 1961Earl Toops
Philatelic Show 2021The War Rate: 1815-1816Anthony F Dewey
San Diego Stamp Show 2021California Blues: The Iconic 1857 "Gold Rush" RevenuesMike Mahler
RPSC Royale (virtual) 2021The Process That Led to the "Grill" Stamps of the United States, From First Experiments to the Earliest Z-GrillsJan Hofmeyr
Chicagopex/ASE 2021Trans-Oceanic Uses of the 30 Cent U.S. Issues of 1861-1868Rich Drews
Chicagopex/ASE Reserve 2021New Orleans 5 Cent Brown Provisional 1861-1862Doug Weisz
Chicagopex/ASE Reserve 2021Great Britain's Greatest Irish Polar ExpeditionerHal Vogel
Florex 2021Electric Telegraph Company Stamps 1846 - 1870Brian Callan
Sarasota 2022 The Use of Boston's "PAID in Grid" Cancels: 1851-1859Mark Schwartz
Southeastern 2022The Irish Civil War January 1922 to April 1923Robert Benninghoff
Aripex 2022US Demonitization and Transition to the 1861 IssueDaniel M Knowles
Westpex 2022Stamp Tax on Nevada Territory Stock Certificates: The 25c "Blaze of Glory"Mike Mahler
Philatelic Show 2022The 1855 Y 1/4 Surcharged Stamps of CubaYamil H. Kouri, Jr
Pipex 2022U.S. "Special" Booklet Paper Printings of 1928Robrert G Rufe
RMSS 2022Thar She Blows! Fiscal History of US Whaling, 1862-1872Mike Mahler
Colopex 20221838-42 Wilkes Antarctic Expedition. Its many (often unfavorable) facetsHal Vogel
Minnesota Stamp Expo 2022World's Third Producer of Stamps: Philadelphia Local Post Fee Reduction 1842 to 1861Vernon Morris
NTSS 2022Men's Gymnastics: Dressed to WinMark C. Maestrone
BalpexThe 30c Nesbitt Envelopes of 1865 - Unrecognized RarityRichard Taschenberg