Single Frame Champion of Champions - 2020 Qualifiers

SarasotaFeb 1-3, 2019 The First Issue of DungarpurSandeep Jaiswal
ASE MesaFeb 16-17, 2019Saint-Pierre et Miquelon, Le Renard de 1952 Jean-Jacques Tillard
ASE MesaFeb 16-17, 20191871 Commune of Paris Prisoners' Mail Louis Fiset
ASE MesaFeb 16-17, 2019Washington and Franklin Coils 1908 Perf-12 Issues Greg Shoults
Garfield-PerryMar 15-17, 2019Great Britain’s Greatest Irish Polar Expeditioner Hal Vogel
Edmonton National Spring ShowMar 23-24, 2019The 1935 Quetta EarthquakeNeil Donen
St Louis Stamp ExpoMar 29-31, 2019St. Louis Pioneer Airmail October 4 - 8 1911 Gary Hendren
PlymouthApr 13-14, 2019The Trucial States Palm Trees and Dhow Series of 1961 Emory Earl Toops
WestpexApr 26-28, 2019Conquest of the Zulu Kingdom 1876-1897David McNamee
Philatelic ShowMay 3-5, 2019The 1908 US Christmas Seal - The First National IssueLouis Caprario
OrapexMay 4-5, 20191930 Canadian Weights and Measures 95 Revenue IssueJohn McIntyre
PipexMay 10-12, 2019The 1850 First Issue of Austria and Lombardy-Venetia: A Study of UsesDavid Snow
RopexMay 17-18, 2019The Collection of Postage Due Fees in Ireland 1914 to 1925Robert Benninghoff
RMSSMay 24-26, 2019United States Large Numeral Postage Due EssaysHarry K Charles
NAPEXJune 7-9, 2019The Postal History of Newbury and Newburyport During the Stampless Period 1755-1855Mark Schwartz
ColopexJun 14-15, 2019The e Watermark Definitive Coil Stamps of Ireland 1940-1970Robert Benninghoff
RPSC RoyalJune 21-23, 2019St. Pierre et Miquelon, le 20F "Montagne et arbres" de 1947Jean-Jacques Tillard
OkpexJun 28-29, 2019Honour's City Express PostLarry Lyons
Minnesota Stamp ExpoJul 19-21, 2019Why There was a 1 1/2 ¢ Prexie and Its Later Solo UsesBob Hohertz
NTSSAug 1-4, 2019Men's Gymnastics: Dressed to WinMark C. Maestrone
StampshowAug 1-4, 2019Uses of the 1908 U.S. CoilMick Hadley
BalpexAug 30-Sep 1, 2019Philadelphia Local Posts 1843 to 1861Vernon R. Morris Jr. MD
SeapexSep 13-15, 2019St. Petersburg - Moscow Railway, Nikolaevskaya RailroadEdward J. Laveroni
MilcopexSep 20-22, 2019The "D" Rate-Change Stamps of 1985Anthony F Dewey
VanpexSep 27-29, 2019Digital Analysis of Canada's 2-Ring Stamp Obliterators of 1896-99Alexander Globe
IndypexOct 4-6, 2019The Saint Louis Proprietary Provisionals of July, 1998 and the Companies that Used ThemHermann Ivester
SescalOct 12-14, 2018Thar She Blows! U.S. Whaling Fiscal History of the Civil War EraMichael Mahler
CanpexOct 19-20, 2019Detained in Hong KongSam Chiu
Civil War Postal ExhibitionOct 25-26, 2019Trans-Oceanic Uses of the 30 Cent U. S. Issues 1861-68Richard Drews
Filatelic FiestaNov 9-10, 2019  
NojexNov 15-17, 2019  
ChicagopexNov 22-24, 2019  
FlorexDec 13-15, 2019  
Southeastern Stamp ExpoJan 31-Feb 2, 2020   
SarasotaFeb 7-9, 2020  
AripexFeb 14-16, 2020