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  1. a nominee must have been continuously active as a judge for seven or more years at the world series of philately level, but quality work at the regional level and at the fip level may also be included in the nomination.
  2. nominees should be broad gauged, and have an unblemished reputation as fair and without bias.
  3. nominees should have established a reputation for being prepared to judge, accuracy in evaluation, and for providing accurate and useful feedback to exhibitors.
  4. nominees should be known as giving freely of their time to exhibitors, often outside of the formal feedback sessions, including acting as a mentor for those developing new exhibits.
  5. nominees should be known as collegial to other jury members; able to express reasoned opinions without being abrasive.
  6. nominees should have demonstrated that they take seriously the responsibility of all jury members to evaluate, encourage and mentor apprentice judges.
  7. credit should also be given to service as the chair or a participating member of the aps committee on the accreditation of national exhibitions and judges (canej), and for writing articles on judging and exhibiting to encourage new people coming into exhibiting, and for contributing content for the aps manual of philatelic judging.

  8. additional considerations if the nominee is credited with being the initiator of improvements in judging

  9. efforts in this realm go beyond simply holding office or membership in a committee. nominators should cite specifics regarding activities the judge has initiated or been involved in to broaden and make exhibiting more attractive, and to make judging more fair, consistent, and useful to exhibitors. these can be in the fields of judging methodology, education of exhibitors, expansion of exhibiting classes, training of judges, improving and clarification of rules and guidelines, and/or recruitment and training of apprentice judges.

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