Exhibiting Word Templates

  • The title of each template page describes the purpose of the page.
  • In most cases the same page design is provided with and without boxes/framelines for the items on the page
  • When you open a template page, make changes to it and save it, it saves as a Word file. You can make any additional changes to the Word file you wish.
  • While everything is presented as a template file, you can change any attribute of the page you wish: type font, type size, deletion of items, insertions of additional items or line spacing. The template can be used as it to produce a page or, more likely, to provide a starting point for the page you want.
  • If you do not need any or all of the headings on the page, you can delete those you do not need.
  • For those pages with boxes with borders:
    • You can change the size of the box by highlighting the sides of the box and moving them to where you want them OR with the cursor on the box line you go to 'Table Properties' and select 'Row' or 'Column' to set a standard size.
    • You can delete any cell - either a row or column
    • The 'Undo' command - the little backwards arrow one in from the top left of your screen - is your friend. It undoes any action you made if you want to go back and unchanged what you did.