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ways to make money on the side

ways to make money on the side
a. inform judges about things not appropriate for or expand upon thing found on title page
1. difficulty of acquisition (how hard is this material to find, not necessarily $)
2. challenge of collecting/exhibiting subject (complex or unsolved problems)
3. research done by exhibitor
4. material highlights
5. bibliography/suggested reading for judges
6. remember this is for the judges, not the public
7. be brief and concise in your points
b. most salient ideas/points ways to make money on the side be repeated for emphasis
1. tell them what is important and then tell them again

ways to make money on the side
a. purpose of exhibit (similar to title page discussion)
1. what are you going to show and why and what type of exhibit (ph/trad/ss)
2. why is the structure of exhibit the way it is
3. what is this exhibit锟絪 importance
b. challenge factor
1. explain condition difficulties
2. describe difficulty of acquisition/rarity factors
3. discuss research necessary for cogent presentation
c. what is presented
1. what is shown per a. above
2. what is not shown and why (eg: only known example in queen锟絪 collection)
d. organization (similar to plan on title page or plan page)
1. show how exhibit is organized and why
2. utilize the running headings as logical breakdown/story flow
e. material highlights
1. here is chance to 锟絫oot锟?your own horn - ways to make money on the side
2. list what you think judges will expect to see, your best pieces and why they are
3. list what you suspect judges will not know about but should notice
f. informational sources
1. help judges become educated in your own little corner of the philatelic world
2. list only most important sources less than a hand full
3. list at least a few that are readily available and in english
4. don锟絫 expect judges to be an expert, but give them a reasonable background

tim bartshe & harvey tilles