AmeriStamp Expo 2008 - General Meeting Minutes

AmeriStamp Expo 2008 - General Meeting Minutes

JANUARY 12TH 2008 1.00 P.M.

  • Meeting called to order 1.05 P.M.

  • Introduction of Board Members.

  • State of Society - President Tim Bartshe announced that there are over 900 members and has plans of adding to these number this year. Finances of Society are in fantastic shape. Good working capital. Team Exhibiting has been well supported for the third year with eight teams taking part, and plan to hold again next year. Picture Postcards were approved as a separate class in Portland 2007.

  • Details from Board Meeting - Secretary reported that data base was current. Pleaded with members to advise her if they were going to be away when the magazine came out, so that they would not be returned. Also pleaded for change of addresses.

  • Critique service - very popular.

  • Title and Synopsis - Service is being utilized very well.

  • Mentor - this is going well, planning to advertise in other stamp magazines to promote service and encourage new exhibitors to join AAPE and use the service.

  • TPE2 - Nancy Clark is reviewing entries and it is hope issue will be printed this year.

  • By-Laws and Constitution - Steve Zwillinger has reviewed and the Board will review changes and make comments.

  • Bud Hennig Award - Tim spoke re the criteria and that the selection committee will for will be Eliot Landau, Ron Lesher and Jerry Jensen, until there are enough awardees. Also spoke about the presentation to Bud at CHICAGOPEX 2007.

  • Diamond Award - Several applications have been received. 8 exhibitors have met the criteria.

  • Website - Larry reported the statistics, over 7000 hits for the month of December alone, spoke of the need for more exhibits to be up loaded onto website.

  • Critique evaluation sheet - This was discussed but will be further reviewed. Contributions. There has been an increased level. Contributors will be noted in TPE and on the website.

  • Neil and Jennings Literature Awards - a standing committee will be appointed to select awardees for 2007 and future years.

  • TPE - colorization still under consideration and a make over is planned.

  • WE - has requested funding for start up costs for their proposed convention in May 2009.

  • Youth - Janet Houser of APS came before the Board asking for support and help in encouraging young exhibitors.

  • Outreach - still a work in progress.

  • 2009 Elections - Charles Verge has been appointed Nominating Chairman

  • Awards.
    • President Tim Bartshe presented Tony Dewey with the Randy Neil Award for the best article in TPE in 2006.

    • President Tim Bartshe presented Diamond Pins to Steve Washburn and Tony Dewey. Other awardees not present, Richard Wilson, Harlan Stone, Nick Lombardi, Andrew McFarlane, Robert Hohertz and Steve Turchik.

    • President Tim Bartshe, Tony Dewey and helpers scored the Team Competitions.

  • Meeting adjourned 2.45 P.M.

Respectively submitted
Elizabeth Hisey
AAPE Secretary