Awards for the 2006-2007 AAPE Youth Championship

National Topical Stamp Show
Irving, Texas
June 15-17, 2007

All exhibitors receive Fran Jennings Medals (co-sponsored by the Postal History Foundation and AAPE), membership in YSCA (compliments of Ken Martin), participation certificates, and ribbons

  • Youth Champion of Champions - the best youth exhibit shown in North America in 2005-2006. $100.00, ribbon, and certificate - Donated by WESTPEX. Winner may also receive the Ralph Herdenberg Award and Ken Lawrence framed stamps. 
  • Liberty Award - For the best exhibit which follows the "traditional" form.  $50.00 and certificate - Donated by C. David Eeles. 
  • Welsh Philatelic Society Postal History Award - For the best postal history exhibit. $50.00 and certificate - Donated by Welsh Philatelic Society.
  • Howard Hotchner Award - For the best portrayal of American History. [May include Canada] $50.00 and certificate
  • American Topical Association Youth Award - Best topical/thematic exhibit. Ribbon and medal
  • NAPEX Awards.
    • NAPEX Title Page Award - $50.00 and certificate – excellent title or plan page
    • NAPEX Creativity Award - $50.00 and certificate
    • NAPEX Topical Award - $50.00 and certificate – use & knowledge of philatelic elements
    • NAPEX Thematic Award - $50.00 and certificate – knowledge of subject & good story line
    • NAPEX Research Award - $50.00 and certificate – demonstrated research skills
  • WESTPEX Awards
    • WESTPEX Write-up Award - $50.00 and certificate
    • WESTPEX Flora and Fauna Award - $50.00 and certificate
    • WESTPEX Award of Excellence - $50.00 and certificate
    • WESTPEX World-wide Award for best use of world-wide stamps/material - $50.00 and  certificate
  • APS Membership Award - Donated by Ken Martin.
  • ATA Membership Award – Donated by Johnstown Junior Stamp Club.
  • Potentiality Award - presented to two younger (preferably preteen) youth, a boy and a girl who are participating in the championship for the first time and whose exhibits show philatelic potential. Donated by the Pinnacle Stamp Club, Little Rock, Arkansas. $50.00 and certificate for each
  • Unique Girl’s Award - Donated by Sandy Morris. $20.07 and certificate (The prize is unique because its value corresponds to the year.