AAPE Award Of Excellence - Treatment - Recipients

AAPE Award Of Excellence - Treatment - 2022 (Updated April 2022)

Show Exhibitor Title Of Exhibit
Saint Louis Stamp ExpoErickson, JeffreyEngraved Perforated Royal Portraits Issued in Hawaii 1864-1893
Garfield PerryLighthouse, JohnUsing the Documents of Commerce to Fund the Civil War, 1862-1872
Southeastern Stamp ExpoO'Brien , CharlesGeorgia Bicentenniel 1933
Sarasota National Stamp ExpoTrondson, EgilNorway Registered Mail to 1945
Philatelic Show 2022Norma NielsonA Study of the U.N. Chagall Window Issue
PIPEXRoger BrodyJamestown 1907

Exhibitors will be added quarterly.