AAPE Award Of Excellence - Epilogues - Recipients (Updated July 2019)

AAPE Award Of Excellence - Epilogue - 2018/2019

Name Show Year or Exhibit
Adams FranSescal2018
Benninghoff, BobSESS2019
DiPaolo, BillOmaha2018
Fiset, LouisFilatelic Fiesta2018
Fort, BillFlorex2018
Froelich, AlfredoSNSE2019
Herring, JamesAmericover2018
Jennings, CarlStampShow2018
Johnson, KathyIndypex2018
Ley, MichaelAmeristamp2019
Pare, JohnMSNE 2018
Rdzak, JohnChicagopex2018
Schwartz, MarkBalpex2018
Streuble, GeorgeSeapex2018
Milcopex 2018Alfredo FrohlichSCADTA Ecuador Airmail 1928-1930
Nojex 2018Carol BommaritoUnited States Mail to, from and through Great Britain 1840-1875
Sarasota 2019Alfredo FrohlichColombia - The Last Classic Issue - 1866
SESE 2019Robert BenninghoffThe "e" Watermark Definitive Coil Stamps of Ireland 1940 to 1970
March Party 2019Stephen SuffetThe United States Three Cent Letter Rate
PLYMOUTH 2019Mike FarrellSo Much to Due: The History and Uses of the Large Numeral Postage Due Stamps
Philatelic Show 2019Marc GonzalesMexico - The Provisional Period 1867-68
Westpex 2019Alfredo FrolichDelaware Postal History to 1847
PIPEX 2019Semyon MelamedEvolution of Delag International Airmail 1909-1936
ROPEX 2019Jeffrey ShapiroThe Beleagured Mark: Keeping Pace with the Inflation of 1919-1923
COLOPEX 2019Gary HendrenSt. Louis Street Car Mail 1892-1915