AAPE Award Of Excellence - Epilogues - Recipients (Updated March 2022)

AAPE Award Of Excellence - Epilogue - 2021

Show/Year Exhibitor Exhibit
Minnesota Stamp Expo 2021Ladd FaszoldA Penny Saved ... Coating Postal Cards for Reuse, 1876-1902
WESTPEX 2021David ZemerThe Panama 1� Balboa American Bank Note Company Stamp
SEAPEX 2021Dawn HammanWhen Ostrich Feathers Were All the Rage
BALPEX 2021Louis CaprarioUnited States Beer Stamps 1866-1919
INDYPEX 2021C. A. StillionsMachine Slogan Postmarks of the Washington, DC, Post Office
Philatelic Show 2021Paul Goodwin"Fire" Advertising and Illustrated Mail 1817-Early 1930s
San Diego Stamp Show 2021Michael MahlerCalifornia Blues: The Iconic 1857 "Gold Rush" Revenues
CHICAGOPEX 2021Larry NixAmerica's Membership Libraries 1731 - 1910
FLOREX 2021Edwin AndrewsUSPS Pressure Sensitive Sorting Labels - Types and Use

AAPE Award Of Excellence - Epilogue - 2020

Show/Year Exhibitor Exhibit
Southeastern Stamp Expo 2020Robert MustacichMadagascar - 150 Years if Political and Philatelic Turmoil
ORAPEX 2019Michèle CartierTerritorial Claims in Antarctica
Royal 2019Duncan & Karen BarberGreat Britain Elizabeth II Pre-Decimal Civilian Letter and Printed Paper Rates
CANPEX 2019Ken MageeGreat Britain Used in Ireland 1840-1901
Sarasota 2020Raymond SimrakThe R-100, 1930 Airship Flight from England to Canada and Return
FLOREX 2019Phillip StagerThe Quebec Bridge

AAPE Award Of Excellence - Epilogue - 2019

Show/Year Exhibitor Exhibit
Minnesota Stamp Expo 2019Robert HohertzThe American Phototype Two-Cent Instructive Clauses 1867-1872
Americover 2019Todd RonneiGreat Britain's Winston Churchill Centenary Stamps and First Day Covers
OKPEX 2019Brady HuntExtra Postage on the Penny Postal Card of 1914-1952
Stampshow 2019Dawn R HamannBackyard Chickens - Raising Chickens at Home, Then and Now
Balpex 2019Larry FillionCanal Zone's Anti-Malaria Stamp and its First Day Covers
Seapex 2019Dickson PrestonGreenland Postal History 1938-1985
OKPEX 2019Brady HuntExtra Postage on the Penny Posts Card of 1914-1952.
PLYMOUTH 2019Mike FarrellSo Much to Due: The History and Uses of the Large Numeral Postage Due Stamps
Philatelic Show 2019Marc GonzalesMexico - The Provisional Period 1867-68
Westpex 2019Alfredo FrolichDelaware Postal History to 1847
PIPEX 2019Semyon MelamedEvolution of Delag International Airmail 1909-1936
ROPEX 2019Jeffrey ShapiroThe Beleagured Mark: Keeping Pace with the Inflation of 1919-1923
COLOPEX 2019Gary HendrenSt. Louis Street Car Mail 1892-1915
Sarasota 2019Alfredo FrohlichColombia - The Last Classic Issue - 1866
SESE 2019Robert BenninghoffThe "e" Watermark Definitive Coil Stamps of Ireland 1940 to 1970
March Party 2019Stephen SuffetThe United States Three Cent Letter Rate
SES 2019Bob BenninghoffThe 'e' Watermark Definitive Coil Stamps of Ireland 1940 to 1970
SNSE 2019Alfredo FroelichColombia: The Last Classic Issue - 1866
Milcopex 2019Anthony F DeweyA Postal History of Hartford, Connecticut
Sescal 2019Richard MalmgrenHawaii Postal Cards
Filatelic Fiesta 2019Bradley G WildePanama: The "Mapita" Stamps, 1887-1903
NAPEX 2019William Schultz"Attached Rates" of 1830s and 1840s
NOJEX / ASDA 2019Bradley G WildeSCADTA: To, From and Through the Isthmus of Panama
CHICAGOPEX 2019Wieslaw KostkaKingdom of Poland - Study of Rates for Stampless Mail 1815-1871
FLOREX 2019Phillip J. StagerThe Quebec Bridge
AmeriStamp 2019Michael LeyBurma - The Post War Transitional Issues of 1945 to1947

AAPE Award Of Excellence - Epilogue - 2018

Show/Year Exhibitor Exhibit
Milcopex 2018Alfredo FrohlichSCADTA Ecuador Airmail 1928-1930
NOJEX 2018Carol BommaritoUnited States Mail to, from and through Great Britain 1840-1875
Sescal 2018Fran AdamsUnited Nations Origins 1938 - 1942
OMAHA 2018Bill DiPaoloThe Prexie Coils
Filatelic Fiesta 2018Louis FisetJapanese American Soldiers in World War II
Florex 2018Bill FortWartime Transpacific Airmail Routes
Americover 2018James HerringThe Two Cent Hardings and the Birth of Modern First Day Covers
StampShow 2018Carl JenningsAncient Egypt: The Time of the Pharaohs
Indypex 2018Kathy JohnsonBritish Telephone Campaign, the Slogan Postmarks, 1931-1934
MSNE 2018John PareThe 1948 Wisconsin Statehood Issue: Production, First Day Covers, Postal Uses
CHICAGOPEX 2018John RdzakAn Ohio Volunteer
BALPEX 2018Mark SchwartzBoston's Use of of the 1847 Issue
SEAPEX 2018George StreubleDevelopment of Swiss Airmail up to 1939