AAPE Awards - September 2009 - July 2010


BALPEX 2009Roger SchnellVermeilPLAUNA Primeros Lineas Uruguayas de Navigacion Aerez
 Robert GibsonSilver bronzePre Decimal Machine Issues
MILCOPEX 2009Adam MangoldVermeilBuilding a Nation - One State at a time
 Roland EssigVermeil"Old Four Legs" The Living Fossil
STAMPEXPO 2009Patricia PreveySilverWho Gives a Hoot?
 Penny BorrowmanSilverCanada's Birds Fly the Mail
OKPEX 2009Gary HendrenVermeilSt. Louis Street Car Mail 1892-1925
 Brady HuntVermeilThe U.S. Postal Card Issue of 1875
SESCAL 2009Allen KleinVermeilFirst Flown Mail from Hong Kong by Pan American Airways Under Contract
VAPEX 2009Robert MayoVermeilRichmond Virginia Stampless Covers and Supplementary Markings from 1800-1861
 Eason WilliamsVermeilCelebrating the first 50 years of Scouting - Illustrated through World Jamborees 1920-1957
CHICAGOPEX 2009Michael BassVermeilForeign Post Offices in the Holy Land 1852-1914
 Alexander KolchinskySilverStalin onf Stamps, Covers and Post cards: Philately at the Service of the Dictatorship
FLOREX 2009Paul GoodwinVermeil"All Aboard" Development, Organization and Operation of Argentina's Railroad System 1857-1949
 James PullinVermeilNorth Atlantic Packets 1818-1840
COLOPEX 2010Donald ChafetzVermeilDevelopment of Morris County Mail Service 1760-1850
 Arnold WassermanVermeilThe First US Airmail Stamp - Overcoming Printing Challenges and Rate Changes
SARASOTA 2010Iris AdairVermeilDevelopment of the Ryuku Islands Postal System following World War II
 Philip Hughes St. Mary's Church - Karl Seizinger - Engraver
ARIPEX 2010William Di PauloVermeilThe Gentleman from Pennsylvania
AMERISTAMP 2010George BowmanVermeilThe New Zealand Half-Penny: Mount Cook Issues, 1900-1908
 David KentVermeilThe Merchant Submarine DEUTSCHLAND in picture postcards
ST. LOUIS 2010Timothy WaitVermeilRockford Illinoise Postal Markings 1837-1938
 Richard WilsonVermeilBritish Forces in Egypt - The Postal Concession 1932-1936
PNSE 2010Bill McMurryVermeilGreat Americans (The 1980 through 1983 Issues)
 Adam MangoldVermeilBuilding a Nation - One State at a time
TEXPEX 2010Robert BrennerVermeilPhiladelphia Postmark History in the Stampless Period 1792-1855
 Dick PhelpsVermeilCancels and Date Stamps of Curacao and the Netherland Antilles 1873-mid 1920
PLYMOUTH 2010William WinterSilverUses of the Chinese Martyrs Issues from 1932-1949
 Roland EssigVermeilA Study of the S&H Green Stamps
WESTPEX 2010Chris KulpinskiVermeilSoviet Occupation of Poland - 1939-1941
PHILATELIC 2010Dennis HasslerVermeilCalifornia Express Companies 1849-1895
 Phil RhoadeVermeilLidice Remembered
RMSS 2010Ruth CaswellVermeilLiteracy
 David ReitsemaVermeilTypes, Uses of International "Airmail Saves Time" Slogan Cancel 1914-44
ROYAL 2010Shirley GriffVermeilMessengers of Death - Mourning Covers
 Pat DelmoreSilverBasutoland: The Definitive Issues of George VI
NOJEX 2010Jonathan BeckerVermeilPalestine Mandate
 John PembartonVermeilAmherst, Massachusetts Postal History, 1811-1870
NAPEX 2010Manuel ArangoVermeilScadta Correspondence 1923-1929
 Stephen LusterVermeilThe U.S. 3 Cent Nato Stamp of 1952
PIPEX 2010Anne Harris VermeilThe Golden Age of American Horses
 Ruth CaswellVermeilLiteracy
ROPEX 2010Robert MeeganVermeilUnited States Domestic Letter Rates 1800-1900
 Stephen SuffetVermeilRates and Usages of the United States One Cent Liberty Series Stamp 1954-1966
NTSSEd AndrewsVermeilLife of Jan Christian Smuts
 Lyman CaswellSilverTravels of Alexander Von Humboldt
MNSEBruce MarsdenVermeilSwiss Fondue
 Charles BertolacciVermeilThe Kasimir Stamps of Liechenstein 1920-1925


MERPEX 2009Barbara HarrisonSilverGrandpa and the Grand Hotels (1880-1944)
 Macario SarrealBronzeUnited States Uncut Press Sheets
CUPEX 2009Peter MichaloveHon. MentThe Turkish Republic of 1922-1945
THAMESPEX 2009Barbara AndersonSilverPerfumery- The Art of Scent
 Leslie WalterVermeilTribute to Princess Diana
NEWMEXPEX 2009Bevery RoweGoldGraceful Aging of a Monarch
 Paul MortonGoldTown Cancels of Grant County, NM
SEAPEX 2009Jean KasperSilverThe Humming Bird in Art and Literature
 Anthony BrawnSilverCoral Reef Biodiversity and the Impacts They Face
SACAPEX 2009Peter ThyVermeilMy Other Bechuanaland Postal Stationery Collection
PENPEX 2009Carol EdholmVermeilThe Sacred Peafowl
 Randy TuuriSilverFinland-Russian Related Rebellions 1919-1922
LINPEX 2010David FryeSilver BronzeDepth of Focus: 1961 US Postal History
 Steve HendersonVermeilThey Were Soldiers Once: A study of Vietnam War Postal History
WESTFIELD 2010K. David SteidelySilverAn American in Paris
NOVAPEX 2010Joe RossSilverLife Policy Duty Stamp 1853-1872
NASHVILLE 2010Andy BurkmanGoldWestern Rivers Postal History
OXPEX 2010Derek SmithVermeilKaulback Island Local Carriage Service 1971-1984
 Ken MageeVermeilMr. Scott's Alphabet
YORK 2010Richard DroughtSilverSaxony, an Independent German Kingdom 1851-1863
 Paul SchumacherSilverGems from the Sudan
SOPEX 2010Nick FollansbeeVermeilMasters of German Poster Art
WISCOPEX 2010Neal WestSilverParcel Post Stamps on Wisconsin First Class Mail
PARFOREX 2010James Czyl2nd PlaceIrish Cinderella Stamps
 Hank Semenic3rd PlaceUSA Stamps of Mid-America
LANCOPEX 2010Steve WashburneSilverLong Branch, NJ
 Don SmithBronzeAntarctica
MANPEX 2010Tim BartsheVermeilOncorhynchus Mykiss - The Rainbow Trout
HUNTSPEX 2010Ed KazmierczakVermeilHistory of Huntspex Show Covers
CHARPEX 2010Bill MitchellVermeilBells Photo Ltd - The Company and its Cards
 Jay CarriganVermeilDisplaced Persons Mail in the British Zone of Germany, 1945-1947


MILCOPEX 2009Robert HenakVermeilHorsing Around
STAMPEXP0 2009Barbara HarrisonSilverGrandma's Attic
SESCAL 2009Steve ShayVermeilThe Evoluntion of Naval Cover Collecting
CHICAGOPEX 2009Stephen McGillGoldBritain's Marvelous Machins
COLOPEX 2010David CrottyGoldPAA Crosses the Pacific 1935-1941
ARIPEX 2010Greg HopkinsGoldLuck of the Draw
SARASOTA 2010Ed Andrews The Life and Exploits of Paul Von Lettow-Vorbeck
AMERISTAMP 2010Tim BartsheGoldA Visitor's Guide to Bloemfontein: A Tour of the Capital ca 1910
GARFIELD PERRYGreg ShoultsGoldWashington and Franklin Coils, 1910 Issue Perf 8.5
PNSE 2010Gregory ShoultsGoldWashington and Franklin Coils, Rotary Press Issues 1914-1922
TEXPEX 2010Ralph NafzingerGoldUS First Day Covers in the Mailstream
PLYMOUTH 2010Harold SollenbergerRG GoldEvolution of the New U.S. 2-cent Designs from 1890 Through the First Bureau Issues: Samples, Essays, Proofs, Specimens and Overprints.
WESTPEX 2010Paul J. PhillipsGoldGruss aus Paradies Greetings from Paradise: Life in WW2 German Occupied Poland
PHILATELIC 2010Norma NielsonGoldThe Story of Lloyds: From Coffee to Commerce
RMSS 2010Anne HarrisGoldThe Golden Age of American Horses
ROYAL 2010Brenda HoylesGoldThat's a Novel Postcard
NOJEX 2010Arthur GrotenGoldWhen Camels Fly: The Levant Fairs of Mandate Palestine
PIPEX 2010J.W. PalmerGoldUsages of the United States Battleship Revenues of 1898- Documentary and Proprietary
ROPEX 2010Phil StagerGoldFrom Mine to Mill 1900-1975
NTSS 2010Robert HenakSilverHorsing Around
MNSERoger HeathVermeilDe Coppet Razor Cancellers of Switzerland


BALPEX 2009William Fort Pan American Airways Transatlantic Airmail Routes 1939-1945
STAMPEXP 2009Stephen PrigozySilverTelegraph Fakes, Fantasies, Similituds and spoofs
OKPEX 2009Mega HallSilver BronzePurr-fect Pets
SESCAL 2009Mel DickSilverThe Life and Career of the US Lexington CV2
VAPEX 2009Robert MayoVermeilRichmond Virginia Stampless Covers and Supplementary Markings from 1800-1861
COLOPEX 2010James HeringVermeilThe First Day Covers of the Harding Memorial Issue
SARASOTA 2010Mary Ann FrostSilver BronzeParenting Principles Taught by Disney
TEXPEX 2010Timur KuranGoldLate Ottoman Postal Stationery: The Political and Postal Restructuring of the Easter Mediterranean 1908-1925
PLYMOUTH 2010Gene StutzensteinSilverJapanese National Parks
WESTPEX 2010Robert PuchalaGoldCracow Issue 1919
PHILATELIC 2010Paul AllanGoldOutgoing Mail from India 1854-1876
RMSS 2010Beverly RoweBronzeGraceful Aging of a Monarch
ROYAL 2010Pradir DattaSilverNauru - The Pleasant Island - an overview 1919-1954
NOJEX 2010Robert CohenSilver BronzeTerror via the Mails
PIPEX 2010Marilyn MillerSilver BronzeThe Evoluntion of Olympic Sporting Events
ROPEXJohn Lighthouse US Revenue Stamps- The First Issue: "Using Commerce to Fund the Civil War"
NTSS 2010Karen CartierSilver BronzeThe Real Ugly Duckling
MNSERudolf KellerSilver BronzeStamps Designed by Swiss Artist Hans Erni
CHARPEX 2010Dennis AmosSilverThe Story of Metals Joining