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ameristamp expo 2009 1-frame team competition rules & regulations

  • a team shall consist of any five (5) individuals. these individuals may share membership in a stamp club, a philatelic society or fraternity, or join together solely for this competition.
  • an individual may not be part of more than one team. an individual may enter one and only one exhibit in the 1-frame team competition.
  • a team entry consists of five (5) 1-frame exhibits. each exhibit must be the bone fide property of one and only one team member.
  • team exhibits must be from these types: traditional, postal history, postal stationary, thematic, display, revenue, aerophilately, astrophilately, illustrated mail, cinderella/poster/promotional, special studies, or picture postcards.
  • team exhibits must be entered in the ameristamp expo 2008 single-frame open competition. (see show prospectus for application procedures, as well as show rules & regulations.)
  • exhibits entered in the single-frame championship competition are not eligible. note: ameristamp rules state that an exhibit that is eligible for the single-frame championship class is not eligible for the single-frame open competition.
  • exhibits will be scored by the jury using the standard 100-point system approved by canej and used by the aps and rpsc at its national-level competitions.
  • teams will earn a 5-point bonus for each 锟絥ew锟?exhibit - never shown at the national or international level (minimum = 0; maximum =25). exhibits previously shown at local/regional shows are acceptable.
  • teams will earn a 5-point bonus for each separate type of exhibit represented (minimum = 5; maximum =25).
  • the team score is the total of the scores of its five entries plus any bonus points earned. the team with the highest aggregate score will be the winners. ties will be broken by comparing individual team entry scores from highest to lowest.
  • each member of the winning team will receive a special award. (other awards may also be available to the 1-frame team competition.)
  • exhibits entered in the 1-frame team competition are eligible for all applicable awards at ameristamp expo 2008 (as set forth in the show prospectus).
  • participants in the 1-frame team competition may enter other exhibits at ameristamp expo 2008 (as set forth in the show prospectus).
  • there is no additional fee for participating in the 1-frame team competition at ameristamp expo 2008.
  • teams must register with the 1-frame team competition coordinator by providing a list of the team members, their exhibit titles and the exhibit锟絪 types. forms are available from the coordinator (tony dewey, 157 warrenton avenue, hartford, ct 06105-3931 or afdewey@aol.com).
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