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how to create a philatelic exhibit

how to create a philatelic exhibit

please read the press release for tips.

'how to create a philatelic exhibit' powerpoint is a free download that is suitable for clubs and groups who want to have a program with some pointers on how to construct a philatelic exhibit. it covers nearly all the common exhibit types with examples of good practice, and it is consistent with the aps manual of philatelic judging 6th edition.

a companion pdf file is a one-frame exhibit on 'how to create a philatelic exhibit' that can be printed out for a handout to accompany the powerpoint presentation, or placed in a frame or attached to a wall, or used both as a handout and as a display. the 17th page of the pdf is a synopsis which tells the reader about the exhibit, and is also created as a model synopsis format.

view the exhibit in a frame.