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the lundy island anti-malaria issue for

揟he world united against malaria?campaign




historical background:

on october 21st, 1960, at the 26th session of the world health organization, it was discussed that the under funded 揗alaria eradication special account? needed another way to finance the program. the proposal was made for the issuing of postage stamps world-wide in order to help fund the 揼lobal program for the eradication of malaria?and increase world-wide publicity and education about the fight against malaria. the hope was that the participating governments would contribute stamps or a percentage of the proceeds of the sales of the stamps to the program. the campaign ultimately failed due to the impossibility of eradicating the insect and disease. today, 1-2 million people still die a year from malaria in the 21st century.


albion normal'>albion p. harman (owner of lundy in 1962) whom had previously contracted malaria and had business>west africa where malaria was prevalent decided to have lundy issue a set of anti-malaria stamps and create an anti-malaria cancellation device. harman donated 500?/span> to the world health organization malaria campaign.


mr. whiteley, working for harrison & sons ltd., designed the stamps and they were issued on april 25, 1962.



font-family:"times new roman","serif"'>scope:

this exhibit presents the story of the lundy set of 6 anti-malaria stamps and the use of the anti-malaria postmark through proofs, bogus overprints, varieties, fdcs, and followed by commercial covers.

material availability:

the only known pre-production items (that are known to this collector and i have corresponded with large dealers of lundy material on the internet and corresponded with authors of lundy catalogs (labbe抯)) are the unique set of buildups and the unique 慡ample?document which are in this exhibit. the only other proofs are the imperforate 憄roofs?which were produced in large quantities which are also in this exhibit. the number of issued imperforate 憄roofs?are written on one of the newly discovered (assumed unique) fdcs signed by f. w. gade (postmaster general).


finding commercial covers with the anti-malaria stamps or with the anti-malaria postmark are extremely hard to find. 12 years and attending 3-5 of the largest shows in the u.s. each year, searching daily on http://www.ebay.com and http://www.delcampe.net, ?/span>and constantly searching the internet has yielded less than a dozen covers.



discovery of late uses of the green anti-malaria slogans on covers dated 10 years after they were supposed to be discontinued. this is not known to have been previously documented (by this exhibitor).


highlights include but not limited to:

  • unique set of 6 buildup proofs.
  • unique 慡ample?document with the 6 stamps (with 慶lipped?corners) and february 14th anti-malaria 慡ample?cancellation tying them to the document.
  • full panes with the 揥andering?perforations in the 2nd and 3rd column.
  • 12 puffin stamp with the black printing offset on the back of the stamp (1 of 50)
  • newly discovered (assumed unique) fdcs signed by f. w. gade (postmaster general). one ?/span>with the issued perforated set and 1 with the imperforate 憄roof?set.
  • commercial cover with the latest usage of the green anti-malaria metal cancellation device (february 28th, 1972)
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the lundy island anti-malaria issue for

揟he world united against malaria?campaign





(larry fillion, 1998-2007) personal collection ?the lundy malaria issues including mnh, full sheets (with 慦andering?perfs), imperf blocks, unique 慡ample? document, fdcs and commercial usages.



(larry fillion, 1998-2007) personal collection ?set of 6 buildup proofs.



(larry fillion, 1998-2007) personal collection ?largest extensive collection of bogus overprints



(larry fillion, april/may 2008) ?article to be published in the mpi for the april/may issue.



揕undy anti-malaria issue served philatelic and humanitarian purpose?o:p>

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揕undy 1962 anti-malaria issue perforation variety?o:p>

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labbe抯 specialized guide to lundy island stamps ?2007 & 2008 edition



the postal history of lundy by f.w. gade


(larry fillion, 1998-2007) my full collection of 5000+ malaria items



complete list of 20+ references for the full website.